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I help successful entrepreneurs navigate tough problems and have long lasting careers as creators & contributors in commerce.


My favorite thing about our work together is how Hailey help me question my thinking and help me decide how to move forward. We are solving issues so quickly, my profitability has shifted and my personal wealth increased by 45%.

In six months, I’ve earned back my ROI and have started to see the possibility of what could come next. It is scary to invest this much in one aspect of business. But I earned back my investment nine times in our first six months together. Investing at this level made these meetings and my homework some of the most important hours of my week, and that has paid off. I absolutely did the work and showed up to make change happen in my business.

Hailey offers so much extra support, listening to the podcast learning from her social content and her bonus sessions and trainings really helped me deepen what I was learning in our sessions. I followed Hailey’s free content for years because it was so valuable. And when it was time to hire a coach, I never considered or price anyone else. I knew Hailey would be the perfect fit for me.

The only question was if I was willing to spend the time and make the changes. I have grown and evolved so quickly in the last six months, and I get really excited thinking about the next six months of growth and evolution will hold.

Jolinda Smithson

Web & Graphic
Design Agency Owner


My favorite thing about us working together is that Hailey got me to see how my brain works. She helped free me from me. And I’m grateful that this business building process has been so much faster and stronger because of her guidance and intuitiveness.

Prior to working with Hailey I was making an average of $1,200 a month and now I’m averaging $6,000 months, regularly. I’ve also been signing larger clients overall. I just closed a $24,000 project with a well-known private school out here on the west coast. It wasn’t easy.

However, I now have the tools I didn’t have before that will continue to propel me forward. I think Hailey does an excellent job at lighting up the vision portals in our brains that guide us to see what’s possible. She taught me that I can be in my business ups, downs, successes, failures, expansions, contractions, joys and blahs and still make lots of money and show up where needed. I have transformed.

I’m proud of my former self, current self and my becoming self. I’m embracing my imagination and my multiple passions as I learn how to incorporate these into my One Year from Now Vision. I am enough.

Melissa Gardener

Digital Marketing Strategist