In this short episode, I explain the real pathway to successful business and personal ventures through prioritizing intention and cultivating self-trust. Instead of enforcing harsher restrictions on yourself and playing into a toxic “hustle” mindset, I challenge you to seek creative problem-solving opportunities and practice taking risks. 

Timecoded Guide:

In this episode, I cover:

  • [2:04] Personal failures with rigidity and harshness
  • [3:27] Enforcing harsh rules for the sake of professional success
  • [4:54] Nourishing yourself and incorporating self-compassion
  • [6:33] Taking risks, being curious, and practicing play
  • [8:04] Seeing how neutral tools can be used in negative ways

When we treat ourselves harsher, what are we risking? 

Many of the entrepreneurs I meet enjoy some sort of routine. For myself, routines and systems allow for me to thrive in my everyday life and meet my personal and professional goals. However, it’s easy to make the rules for ourselves way harsher and stricter than they ever should be. When we use neutral tools to hurt our bodies, minds, and schedules, the quality of our work suffers and we risk burnout. 

“It’s kind of like a hustle mentality, right? It leads to a lot of burnout, a lot of overwork, and I think it’s the wrong direction.” 

What will bring you the success you’re seeking? 

Unlike what the “rise and grind” culture teaches us, the success we’re seeking for ourselves and our businesses comes from self-trust and self-compassion. Challenge unrealistic expectations when setting your next goal, and instead invite yourself to see the possibilities that practicing self-trust can create. When we trust what we’ve learned and problem solve without harshness, we can find success without suffering for it. 

“For your next product, the next iteration of this company, the next thing that you’re going to build, the next project, the best solutions will come from a well-nourished, well-cared for mind that is used to creative problem-solving.”

How do we practice self-compassion? 

Instead of enforcing rules and regulations for yourself that detract and distract from moments of practice and play, carve out time for curiosity and risk-taking. As I’ve discussed in previous episodes, trying to protect yourself from failure takes away from your learning process. Organize your priorities around what’s actually important in your life and your career, not around your alarms, notifications, and to-do lists. 

“The ability to take risks, and the ability to be curious and come up with creative solutions is a result of you having practiced that with yourself and with others.”



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