This week, I expose my beef with the phrase “some day,” and fight against the concept that time passing gets you closer to your goals. With my own trip to Key West becoming a reality, I invite you on my journey from “some day” lies and bucket list wishes to real commitments about creativity and action for myself and my business. 

Timecoded Guide:

In this episode, I cover:

  • [01:36] Understanding that time doesn’t change you, action does
  • [02:30] Showing my trip through the lens of ready, willing, and resourced
  • [06:55] Hoping vs planning with bucket lists and “some day”s
  • [08:26] Treating your “some day” experiences as too precious
  • [11:37] Looking ahead to your future investments with commitment 

Seeing through your “some day”s

In our society, we romanticize the passage of time and our future selves. We look to the future with a mixture of hope and anxiety for what’s to come, and we make up sayings about time healing wounds, opening up opportunities, and changing lives. The truth is, a specific amount of time has very little to do with goals being met or lessons being learned. Your “some day” dreams will stay dreams forever if you don’t work towards them and only wait for time to pass.

“If you don’t change anything about how you are thinking, how you are feeling, how you are acting, the passage of time itself doesn’t actually change anything. Time just goes on.”

Ready, resourced, and willing

As I record this podcast, I’m making one of my own “some day” dreams a reality on a trip to Key West, Florida. This wouldn’t be a reality if I didn’t get myself ready for the good and the bad parts of whatever may happen, if I didn’t plan out my resources financially and personally for my partner and child, and if I didn’t feel willing to deal with the discomfort of leaving home and trying something new that I may fail at. 

“For a ‘one day’ or a ‘someday’ thing to be a now thing, you actually have to be ready and willing and resourced to do the thing.”

Committing and creatin

How do we get ready, resourced, and willing to see beyond the passage of time and take action on our dreams? Instead of writing your “some day” goals on a bucket list, see what you’ve accomplished so far and realize you have created so much already. You have the power to continue to create, not through hoping or wishing, but through committing to trying, even if it’s not perfect, even if you have to try more than once. 

“The very best thing you can do for the next part of your vision, is to see how you have created what you have right now and commit to creating the next thing.”



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