What is the highest quality decision you can make in this situation? After posing this question to a client in The Residency, I realized a large majority of my work revolves around helping my clients, whether in one-on-one coaching or in The Residency, learn how to make high quality decisions. Using this specific client as an example, I spend this episode breaking down why her decision was the highest quality for her and how to prioritize what’s most important during your next big decision.

Timecoded Guide:

In this episode, I cover…

  • [00:48] Introducing the question: What is the highest quality decision you can make in this situation?
  • [02:28] Prioritizing rest days to prevent creative fatigue
  • [04:04] Realizing when something isn’t “on fire” in terms of urgency
  • [05:34] Deciding to learn and expand your skills, even through rest
  • [07:27] Seeing The Residency as a tool to build high quality decision-making skills 

Why do I require clients to take rest days? 

I require every client in The Residency to schedule 2 days of rest and 2 days of play every quarter they work with me. More than just giving them days off, days of rest and days of play refresh our minds, inspire creativity, and allow us to rest from the physical fatigue of creativity. Even if your entire job can be done sitting at your desk, that work can still be an exhausting strain on your brain, and nothing is more important than our brain in entrepreneurship.  

“Our brains, while magical and magnificent, are essentially lumps of meat with a jolt of electricity that go through them. We have to physically rest.”

What’s the triage plan here to get caught up, while we still take a rest day? 

In this episode, I talk about a client of mine who debated skipping a scheduled rest day because she was behind on client work. This would not have helped her to skip this rest day, and crossing her to-do list a little earlier would not have changed how badly her brain needed to rest. Instead of weighing down your decisions with unnecessary deadlines, ask yourself which choice actually benefits your mind and body in the long run. 

“What I challenged her with: [finding] that long-term value of a deeply formed habit of self-consideration.”

What is the highest quality decision you can make in this situation?

I pose this question numerous times this week, but it’s a vital question to answer when so much of our work with The Residency focuses on developing high quality decision-making skills. Through asking yourself this question, just like how I asked my client, you may find your answer surprising. More often than not, the higher quality decision might not seem like the easiest choice— especially in a high-stress situation, but it will lead to long-term value. 

“This is what The Residency is about, right? It’s sharper decision-making, higher quality thinking, the tools you need to make yourself as effective of an entrepreneur as possible.”



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