I’m joined by friend and fellow mastermind participant, Emilia Makówka, to talk about their entrepreneurial journey as a queer neurodivergent money and life coach in Poland. With recent appearances in Newsweek and in a collaboration with Ikea, Emilia shares their experience embracing visibility with their own needs in mind, decentralizing their professional life from their personal life, and previewing their brand new mastermind for queer and neurodivergent humans they plan to launch within the next year.

Timecoded Guide:

In this episode, Emilia and I cover…

  • [03:57] Getting creative with financial resourcing the make investments in yourself and your business
  • [11:58] Acclimating to bigger visibility and coping with visibility anxiety as Emilia worked with Ikea and was featured in Newsweek
  • [21:05] Working through their first launch and understanding how to measure their goals for them, including taking currency into account
  • [29:59] Doubling down on creating a safe money and life design space where queer and neurodivergent humans can thrive
  • [33:43] Prioritizing personal growth and thriving in their social and love life and decentering their business from their life
  • [39:40] Emilia’s One Year From Now vision for herself and her company, especially when it comes to their upcoming mastermind

When I say multidimensional growth, what does that mean to you?

This past year has already been transformative for Emilia and, when catching up about everything that already happened for them in 2022, there is a sense of almost disbelief realizing and catching up with all they’ve done for themselves within their business and outside of it. Too often, we’re trained to look only at the numbers and evaluate our effectiveness as entrepreneurs solely by revenue growth. Instead, Emilia and I are taking a look outside of the numbers and embracing better habits, hobbies, and health work progress.

I just feel like I’ve expanded. I’ve shed some things, I’ve added some things, I’ve cleared out some things, and some things have come on. It’s definitely been feeling more like an evolution than anything that you could describe in one sentence.

How did you come to join Serena Hicks’ mastermind? 

I met Emilia last year in Serena Hicks’ mastermind, where we’re both working on ourselves and our businesses. Emilia has impressed me from the moment I heard of how she got into the mastermind in the first place. Living in Poland, the currency of her country is weaker than the US dollar, which created a harder uphill climb to come up with the money to attend the mastermind. Through working harder than ever before and urging support from her email network, Emilia came up with the money needed to level up as an entrepreneur. 

“What I ended up doing, which I think is probably one of the bravest things that I’ve done last year. Honestly, I just reached out to my whole newsletter list, I told them, ‘Listen, I really want to do this, and it’s beneficial for me and it’s beneficial for you. It’s such a big investment, but I’m 200% sure that this is for me.’”

In what ways have you grown as a queer neurodivergent divergent person while operating such a successful business?

Emilia’s business heavily focuses on coaching and providing services for queer and neurodivergent entrepreneurs. As a queer and neurodivergent person themselves, I was curious how multidimensional growth has factored into other areas of their lives. One of the strongest stories Emilia tells in this episode involves their new-found focus for their social and private life. From pursuing a polyamorous relationship with their partner to prioritizing time for hobbies, Emilia reminds me that we cannot get all of our fulfillment in life from our work.

“Me having this openness about all of the things that I am and all of the things that I do, it is just dangerous. But what I’ve been finding is that…the fear around visibility, or being attacked, it’s just a tool that I can use to be safe and belong.”

What do you hope your business and your life looks like one year from now?

With $100K already made and $500K as a goal for the year, I was curious if Emilia had goals for next year, revenue or otherwise. Actually, Emilia’s goals don’t involve a number at all, focusing even more on multidimensional growth instead. Coming up, they’re most excited about creating their own mastermind, where queer and neurodivergent individuals can get support and learn the skills for successful business decisions, and about continuing to work a flexible schedule that supports their blossoming social life.

“I am already marketing my mastermind, which is basically only for queer and neurodivergent people that are wanting to work on their authenticity and marketing in their own one-person businesses.”




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