In this episode, I’m coming at you without the permission of my editing team. 🙂 After two weeks of leading my clients and learning from my own mentor, I wanted to share a concept that came up both weeks;  Success Patterns (or How I know I’m going to be successful). 

– Entrepreneurship has no map but you can create your own guidebook

– Success patterns help you answer the question, “How do I know my success is inevitable?”

– Leveraging success patterns in times of distress and times of growth

– What data points make up success patterns? (Thoughts, feelings, actions, decisions and defaults/habits)

– How to start your own guidebook of success patterns, start backwards! Ask yourself, “how do I know I’m already the next version of me from a year ago?”

-Defining success data points (counter-intuitive, lead indicators, trade short-term relief for long-term inevitably, cultivated, regenerative and exponential. 


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