I invited One Year from Now: The Residency program facilitator and Certified OBM, Jacki Hayes, to the podcast to talk about our mid-sesson live event for Cohort One of The Residency. Jacki, myself, and my five Residents saw the best of the Midwest at Camp Aramoni, a boutique campground in Illinois. We experienced nature, ate 5-star meals, and learned beyond the restrictions of Zoom. In this episode, Jacki and I do a live recap and evaluation, including what worked, what didn’t work, and what we learned.

Timecoded Guide:

In this episode, Jacki and I cover…

  • [00:00] Introducing Jacki Hayes and her process of joining the One Year from Now: The Residency team
  • [06:39] Celebrating big that we were able to pull off this event in-person after so much time virtually preparing for it
  • [16:59] Traveling dos and don’ts from a Midwesterner perspective and an event point of view
  • [24:29] Enjoying the scenery of Camp Aramoni, even in hot weather and with limited cellular service
  • [31:21] Including food as an essential part of the event and prioritizing dietary restrictions without limiting quality
  • [44:40] Planning for a time of testimonial and celebration, while acknowledging cost and lessons learned

Do you have any big celebrations from this event?

My main celebration for this event was that it happened. After talking about it, changing and altering plans, workshopping ideas, and hiring Jacki to help me along the way, part of me still worried this wouldn’t happen. However, with Jacki’s assistance, so much went right and I was excited to hear that Jacki had a similar feeling of accomplishment. For Jacki, watching the Residents transform within the three days of our trip felt like something worth celebrating. Their body language changed, they dived deep into their emotions, and they connected with one another and with me in a way that solidified so much of the work we’ve been doing together throughout this cohort of The Residency.

“For [the Residents on the trip], it was just a smooth, smooth three days where they really just got to immerse themselves and not worry about what’s going on at home. Nothing got in their way, no obstacles.” 

How about our venue, Camp Aramoni?

Despite the heat of the weekend, the outdoors surrounding Camp Aramoni created an immersive experience for the Residents that just wouldn’t have been achieved at any city hotel. Jacki agrees that our woman-led group of chefs and vendors, including JB, the passionate owner of Camp Aramoni, created a next-level stay and the value Camp Aramoni provided us lifted this live event to new heights. From the privacy and intimacy of our tents to the show-stopping (yet admittedly sometimes too abundant) food, I’m so pleased with how everything went at our venue, and Jacki will be sure to coordinate for us to have some walkie talkies next time (no service, no problem!).

“Everybody has experienced being in hotels. [Camp Aramoni] was something that you weren’t going to probably experience, unless you’re an extremely adventurous type that’s always constantly looking for new things to try.”

What about the content within the event, including the coaching elements?

Knowing this event was coming up, I focused heavily on preparing lessons while Jacki helped me manage the event details. However, when our event arrived, I scraped several of my lessons and chose to go where my clients needed me to, instead. I was curious how this may have appeared from an outside perspective, and Jacki admits she was impressed and intrigued with the personalization I was able to achieve with our coaching experiences and lessons. While we got so used to crowding around our webcams on Zoom, Jacki expresses that this experience unlocked a new level of coaching and modeled concepts that couldn’t have been fully explained if we weren’t in person together.

“At one point, Hailey is on the floor. We couldn’t have done it on Zoom, but Hailey is literally on the floor, showing us how she processes emotions through her body. Can’t do that on Zoom, but I think that was a huge learning experience.”

Do you have any thoughts on what worked or what didn’t work for the testimonial setup that we need to think about?

I gave Jacki and Phil, our head photographer, a lot of control with the testimonial and headshot portion of our event because I didn’t want to pressure my Residents with my involvement in their testimonials about The Residency. I delivered them a couple questions and let them do the rest, and Jacki went above and beyond my expectations. She adjusted when there wasn’t enough content and encouraged my Residents to answer openly and honestly. While we definitely want to take a more structured approach to this for the next event, the testimonials Jacki helped create are so memorable and show off not only the impact of The Residency, but the quality of her work. 

“As long as you have somebody doing the interviews who’s good at continuing on and finding things. It helps that I had been with the Residents for six months, because I sat in on the coaching calls. I’ve seen the growth they had.”




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