I’m doing something a little different this week by bringing the concept of Hailey After Hours to the podcast. Less filtered, more direct, Hailey After Hours is a much more casual, vulnerable version of my podcast and of my coaching strategy. Because I’m able to tell it like it is with Hailey After Hours, I talk about the phrase, “I don’t have any money,” and how frustrating it is to hear when I know my clients mean something else when they say that.

Timecoded Guide:

In this episode, I cover…

  • [00:00] Telling the origin story of Hailey After Hours
  • [02:20] “I don’t have any money,” vs “I don’t have any socks”
  • [05:25] Understanding what you can and can’t solve for
  • [07:51] Asking yourself what you mean by, “I don’t have any money”
  • [10:31] Upcoming coaching opportunities with me

Introducing Hailey After Hours

In my previous podcast episode with Jacki Hayes, I discussed the One Year from Now: The Residency event that gave birth to Hailey After Hours. Born from the desire of wanting to coach in a more casual environment with my clients, Hailey After Hours is the least filtered, most direct version of my coaching. I swear a little more, I speak the truth with a little more bluntness, but the advice is still solidly aligned with my coaching strategy and the One Year from Now vision.

“I’m putting on my comfy pants. I’m gonna eat some cookies. I’m gonna have a glass of wine, and we can coach, but I’m going to be coaching differently. This is Hailey After Hours.”

“I don’t have any money.”

If I’m being honest, I get extremely frustrated with clients that tell me, “I don’t have any money.” This sentence, although it may feel true to you, is an exaggeration that reminds me of the antics of my seven-year-old son. Just like he may tell me, “I don’t have any socks,” I know that’s not what he means. I know you don’t actually mean that you, my client, don’t have any money. Instead, there’s a hidden meaning beneath the simple phrase, “I don’t have any money.”

“The reason why that’s so irksome to me, but also not helpful, is that you can’t solve for, ‘I don’t have any money.’ You can’t solve for that, there’s nothing to solve for. It’s just, ‘I can’t.’”

What do you really mean by saying that?

I know that you do have money, and I also know that you know you have money. What you mean by “I don’t have any money,” is that you aren’t satisfied with what you’re created or with the results you’ve received. You can use your entrepreneurial skills to solve the real issues of that problem— feeling dissatisfied, feeling uncomfortable, feeling stressed about money. You cannot solve the simple statement, “I don’t have any money,” because you’re putting yourself in an “I can’t” mindset where no real actions can be made. 

“What do you mean by you don’t have any money? Nine times out of 10, it’s that you’re not satisfied with what you’ve created.”




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