This week, I kick off 30k Questions: a podcast miniseries worth well over 900 thousand dollars. Each day for 30 days, I’m going to be posing a new set of questions to you that, if explored and implemented, could net you well over 30 thousand dollars over the lifetime of your entrepreneurship career. In this episode, I prompt you to think about a difficult question: “What would you do if your business collapsed tomorrow? 

In this episode, I lay out the first steps to take during a business collapse:

  • Think about this actually happening—and that being something you can pull yourself through.
  • First step? Get to safety internally. Process. 
  • Second step? Triage. What happens when your business ends? What and who does this affect? What holes need to be plugged? 
  • Next steps? Think about what happens now that you’ve gotten yourself sorted. 
  • Now, ask yourself: Why did that asset work when it did? Why didn’t it work? Then, detach. You are not your assets. 



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