In this episode of $30k questions, a podcast mini series aimed to help you explore and implement money-making questions, I’m asking you to think: are you engaging in high-quality or low-quality conflict most of the time? We know that conflict is a given—but it’s the type of conflict that matters. Today, we explore how you can engage in high-quality conflict that creates a better outcome for everyone. 

What is high-quality conflict? In this episode, I dive into the answer and go over what you need to engage in high-quality conflict. 

  • First question: do you avoid conflict? Do you avoid conflict in situations where high-quality conflict may be helpful
  • To engage in high-quality conflict, you must be: curious, direct, outcome-focused, and collaborative.
  • You should go into high-quality conflict asking this: Why are we bringing this up? What are we trying to get to? Where are we trying to go?
  • You know you’re engaging in high-quality conflict when you can create better outcomes for all parties and when you get these byproducts: vulnerability, honesty, and trust. 
  • Two vital things at play for high-quality conflict: room for voicing concerns but also collaboration for solutions. 



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