In this episode of $30k questions, a podcast miniseries aimed to help you explore and implement money-making questions, we talk about expanding your business. Businesses can expand gradually over time but here, I want you to think in the present and the near future. This isn’t a call or a challenge but a question: what would it take to double your business in two years? 

Let’s do some introspection and then look at your assets. Doubling your business may be closer in the future than you think.

  • Steps to doubling your profits: look at each part of the business and determine how much more money is double the revenue and where that money will go. 
  • Look for: skills, people, processes, and decisions. 
  • Apply these four things to big groupings in business: marketing, sales, delivery, offering, and leadership/resource management. 
  • Then, ask yourself if your business is ready for double the customer service and double the amount of negative reviews.
  • Parting questions: how does doubling an asset(s) fit into your portfolio? What do you need to lead this asset? What do you need to prioritize personally?




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