In this episode of $30k questions, a podcast miniseries aimed to help you explore and implement money-making questions, I talk about relationships with money and the stories we tell ourselves about it. Today, I explain why money isn’t the bad guy and how to look at money as a tool rather than something to blame. I suggest evaluating and asking yourself: how has blaming my money stopped me from doing the next thing? Then, you can shift the narrative and reach for your goals. 

Shifting the story starts with you. Here’s how I evaluated my outlook on money and made small tweaks that led to big changes. 

  • It’s easy to blame money for issues—which offloads responsibility. It’s easy to think, “If only I had more money, then . . .” but this ignores the agency you have over your own joy and ability to reach goals. 
  • Instead, you can tell yourself, “I am responsible for my own success. I am responsible for making myself feel calm.” 
  • No, doing an evaluation doesn’t necessarily make you more money—but it can set you up for success by changing how you think. 
  • Then, you’ll be in a more powerful place to make money-making decisions. 
  • Also, it’s okay if this is a question you continually ask yourself throughout your career. It’s a great way to keep moving forward with your objectives. 



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