In this episode of $30k questions, a podcast miniseries aimed to help you explore and implement money-making questions, let’s talk about your product. What do you make? What is your product? Today, I talk about how entrepreneurs are different from small business owners—and how your employees are actually your customers. 

What is offered in each of your business assets? As an entrepreneur, your assets are the products. Here’s why: 

  • An entrepreneur knows that their ability to create business assets is their product. That’s what they make. 
  • If the business is the product, we can enter opportunities and exit them with intention. 
  • Why think this way? Entrepreneurs can avoid getting emotionally entrapped in their projects. 
  • What are entrepreneurs good at? Making products. If a product fails, what do they do? They make another product. 
  • Then, employees are viewed as customers and working toward a great workplace means improving customer experience. This way, each asset is more thoughtfully engaged with and more profitable. 



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