In this episode of $30k questions, a podcast miniseries aimed to help you explore and implement money-making questions, we talk about taking time off—not just any time off but restoring your mind and body with sabbaticals. For many of us, it’s hard to imagine stepping away from our work for a while. Today, I want to discuss how there’s no one required way of taking a sabbatical and that doing so is not an ‘all or nothing’ endeavor. 

What are some ways to take a sabbatical?

  • First, think of it this way: a perk of entrepreneurship is that we can set our time off or away much more readily than employees. 
  • You may think: do I deserve this? Not only do you deserve it, but you also need it. 
  • Working without stepping away and restoring can lead to burnout—which, along with being unhealthy, is quite expensive. 
  • You can sprinkle in sabbaticals or schedule them at regular intervals. Also, be sure to set boundaries with work and actually get your much-needed rest.
  • Are sabbaticals or extended leave a part of your planning rhythm? You can also check out episode 76 where I talk about a rest-first planning method.



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