This week, I give an overview of the idea of radical personal responsibility and how taking charge of your circumstances makes you a better business owner and entrepreneur.

In this episode, I cover: 

  • Understanding the concept of radical personal responsibility
  • Avoiding shaming and blaming ourselves for our actions 
  • Recreating experiences that serve your goals
  • Changing our circumstances through reconsidering our thoughts
  • Learning the differences between facts and narratives

What are the feelings I’m experiencing right now and what created them? 

I’ve discussed in previous episodes how our thoughts and our feelings create our actions, and radical personal responsibility is all about learning how to recognize this in every situation that occurs within your business. Very often, my clients think that they are stuck feeling a certain way about something they have to do or a decision that has to be made. Instead, I invite them to consider why they’re feeling that way in the first place and which aspects of these circumstances created such strong emotions. 

“It’s not an accusation, it is a concept that is fueled by curiosity and by love.”

What are the facts of the circumstances vs the narrative my brain is telling me? 

When you understand your feelings around a circumstance or situation, radical personal responsibility doesn’t just stop there. We have to consider what the facts of a circumstance are, like the nitty-gritty details of what is being asked of us, who is asking it, and why these situations have arisen. Outline the facts for yourself, and then don’t be afraid to notice what you might have read between the lines. This is a narrative. Our brain tells us stories about the events that occur in our lives and these narratives vastly impact the end result. 

“Between action or inaction is thought and emotion.” 

Why did my brain choose these thoughts and this narrative? 

Part of taking this responsibility is acknowledging that you may have certain biases and beliefs already in place that might be affecting what’s going on, even without you realizing it. Our brains are complicated and we think thousands of thoughts every single day about everything happening around us. Bad experiences and negative thoughts stick with us longer than we think they do, often changing the way we see aspects of our world and causing us to avoid situations and circumstances where we have to confront what we don’t like. 

“We have a lot more agency over situations than we think we do.”

What is one other narrative that could be created from these same facts? 

Taking radical personal responsibility is making a commitment to yourself and to your business to be better and to do better. This isn’t about shame or blame, it is instead about purposeful growth and curiosity about ourselves and our thought processes. Maybe the narrative you’re telling yourself is already working for you, but there’s nothing wrong with considering an alternative narrative associated with the same facts and situations. When we make the choice to look at a circumstance from a different perspective, we become stronger people and better entrepreneurs. 

“The greater power you have over yourself and your experiences, the more you can do and the more you can create.”


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