This week, I define entrepreneurship and discuss how this definition helps me envision the role of entrepreneur in my life. Instead of waiting for massive success and notoriety, it is vital that we normalize the different stages of entrepreneurship and business ownership. 

In this episode, I cover: 

  • Redefining entrepreneurship to fit your own life
  • Understanding the difference between a small business owner and entrepreneur
  • Adapting to the importance of high risk in entrepreneurship 
  • Thriving at the forefront of your decisions 
  • Using my own OYFN plan as an important example of defining entrepreneurship 

Defining what sets entrepreneurs apart 

You have to be a special person to take the path of entrepreneurship instead of being a w2 employee or a small business owner. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers and idea-makers, focused on innovation and investment across the board in all their projects. While a w2 employee finds success as part of a workplace and small business owners find satisfaction in building a strong singular career, entrepreneurs set themselves apart with the assets they gather and create.

“Entrepreneurs see the business as an asset.”

Aligning your decisions based on your entrepreneurship goals 

Many of the entrepreneurs I work with are deeply focused on learning how to operate as the CEOs of their whole lives and to thrive in each decision they make. Security is not as big of a priority when you make your living on taking risks, so I focus more on weathering the storms with my clients than preventing those storms from ever happening. Strength and confidence in your abilities builds strong assets and amazing businesses.

“It’s not just about one organization, but their entire lives.”

Finding your own creativity in your businesses and ideas 

We often undermine how genuinely creative entrepreneurs have to be in order to succeed in creating businesses and executing projects. With my clients, I often seek to build their confidence in their creativity as another strong part of their entrepreneur skill set. It takes creativity to execute a business or project idea that both benefits your client and you, and that innovation needs to be a key part of our entrepreneurship definition. 

“Instead of creating art, entrepreneurs are creating robust and high quality businesses that deeply serve clients and are highly profitable.”

Learning the skills and mindset of entrepreneurship 

You may have heard (even from me, as I’ve struggled with this myself) that it is hard to be what you cannot see. We often see examples of entrepreneurs in individuals that look and financially succeed like Elon Musk, but the definition of entrepreneur is so much deeper and more diverse than the millionaires and billionaires of the world. As I define entrepreneurship in this episode, I hope you can see yourself in that definition as well and discover the skills you possess to build incredible projects of your own. 

“Entrepreneurship is not something that you’re either born with or not. No, it can be developed.”


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