Today, Mel and I are taking over the podcast and talking to you about worktreats! What is a worktreat? Why would someone need one? 


We’re going to cover all of the basic questions and more today on the show. 


When we talk about CEOs, we’re talking about people that own service-based or product-based businesses that may work by themselves or with a small team. Someone who has moved out of “I’m the doer” role to “I’m the leader with more responsibilities” role.


A worktreat, or working retreat: time for CEOs to reflect, plan, and execute on high level priorities.




In this episode, we cover:


  • Why someone would want to have/plan a worktreat?
  • Why don’t more people have/plan worktreats? 
  • Setting your own agenda
  • Choosing a location
  • Feedback & Accountability
  • Food, Fun, Body Work + Rest
  • Vision > strategy > project plan




If you’re interested in starting your own worktreat, or you need one, email me and set up your free consultation today!


brainspace optimized worktreat - hailey + mel

Hailey & Mel at client worktreat 2019