What if, instead of planning what we want 5 or 10 years down the line, we focus on what we want one year from now? This is the question that entrepreneur, Hailey Thomas, has built her system of career coaching around. In this episode, Hailey speaks directly to her clients and listeners about an incredibly important subject that came up during a coaching session this week: clarity.  

Tiny Transformation – We spend time solving the wrong problem 

Question to ask yourself: 

    • Why do we need to take on all these tasks (personal, my business, other)? 

 How to solve problems at a deeper level: 

    • Understand the core of the problem to choose solutions that work for you and for your situation 
    • Removing unrealistic expectations for success 


Clarity is a Practice

Turning thoughts into feelings 

We have all convinced ourselves at one point or another that, “if I only had [x], then I could feel [y].” Hailey sees clients that exhibit this mindset when it comes to business decisions all the time, and she explains that this thought leaves us waiting for hypothetical feelings that won’t come and holds us back from discovering the potential of our ideas.  

“If our thoughts create our feelings, then our thoughts are the thing that drives our feelings, which means that no external motivation is going to make you feel a certain way unless you think about it.” 

Tackling your career  

When you reach a crossroads in a career decision, it’s not uncommon that you find yourself dreading your work and questioning your motivation. To genuinely enjoy your job as an entrepreneur, Hailey believes that you have to build up your confidence in your abilities and foster clarity in each decision you make.  

“To continue to enjoy what it is to be an entrepreneur, you have to have some confidence in your own ability to create and produce things.” 

Taking responsibility for your confidence 

With a lot of her clients, Hailey finds that they often rely too heavily on the approval and opinions of others to form their confidence in their work. This prevents them from actually taking the reins when it comes to feeling their feelings and finding their true path. You have to learn to independently encourage confidence and clarity in order to obtain it in your life.  

“If [clarity and confidence] are things you want to produce in yourself, but you give all of that responsibility away, then you’ll never have it.” 

Treating clarity as a practice  

Where should someone start on becoming more clear and confident? Hailey believes that everyone really just needs a little practice. With the four steps she gives within this episode, listeners and clients can be sure to discover techniques in practicing clarity every day until they can fully embrace feeling confident in themselves and their work.  

“Clarity is practice that begets confidence, which means you have control over becoming more confident and you have control of becoming more and more clear.” 


You can connect with Hailey through her website.  

You can schedule a clarity call with Hailey here: https://oyfn.co/clarity/ 


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