What if, instead of planning what we want 5 or 10 years down the line, we focus on what we want one year from now? This is the question that entrepreneur Hailey Thomas has built her system of career coaching around. In this episode, Hailey interviews voice actor and recent coaching client Melanie Scroggins, who shares her experience transforming her business and finding the confidence to build a life she wants and a career she feels excited about. 


From $3k Months to $6k Months as a Voice Actor ft. Melanie Scroggins

Discovering who you are 

Melanie initially began her business with two jobs in her arsenal: podcast producing and voice acting. Although she found a lot of success through podcast producing, there was very little satisfaction in that work for Melanie, creating a lot of dissonance in her career. When we encounter moments where we cannot find fulfillment in our careers, it might be time to reorient how we define ourselves. Melanie embraced her passion for voice acting, and achieved the success and fulfillment she had been seeking for so long.  

“I wanted to be Melanie Scroggins, voice actor, not Melanie Scroggins, podcast producer and sometimes voice actor.” 

Taking your personal life to work  

Other jobs may offer the ability to leave your feelings at the door, but entrepreneurship is as much a personal ambition as it is a professional one. Melanie discovered through coaching that a lot of the uncertainty she was feeling in her business derived from elements of her personal life and vice versa. Through understanding how the two often go hand-in-hand, planning the next steps in any aspect of your life can become a confident process instead of a confusing one.  

“When you’re working for you, you take yourself to work, and that includes everything.” 

Considering what you want  

It took Melanie a bit of time before she really understood that she needed coaching to understand where to go next and what needed to change in her business. Taking the step to start career coaching feels a lot like taking the step to go to therapy. Seeking help can feel scary for some, but genuinely exciting and fulfilling for others, and Melanie is thankful to be a part of the latter group of Hailey’s clients, who embraced career coaching with an introspective, motivated mind.  

“I think that coaching itself offers a very unique space and time that is dedicated just to better understanding you and what it is you want to do.” 

Talking yourself up 

Do you have a mantra or an affirmation to keep yourself feeling motivated and on top of your game? Melanie believes that the way that you talk to yourself and motivate yourself can create growth personally and professionally without a limit or a ceiling. Taking the leap to audition every day and attempt to double her revenue was a large task for Melanie to take on, but her clarity through coaching and her confidence in her abilities steered her in the right direction.  

“I am here, I can do this, I‘ve done this before, so don’t even play. That’s the kind of talk I have to have with myself.” 


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