Self-Coaching is a mental hygiene habit. Small actions that lead to loads of awareness and helps you stay the course.

This week, Hailey slows down to be your guide through a simple, effective self-coaching routine that you can do to independently guide yourself towards your goals. 

Grab a notebook

The first step in Hailey’s self-coaching process always involves getting out a pen and a piece of paper. Use these physical objects to take your thoughts out of your head, putting them freely on the page as these thoughts come to you. Even if thoughts are repeated or strange or even bad, Hailey wants her clients to remember that they are always separate from their thoughts. 

“Slowing down enough to physically write things with a pen and a paper helps you retain information and understand information better.”

Go through each thought

Once your thoughts have been written out, it’s time to figure them out by combing through each one to discover patterns and emphasized phrases within. These thoughts often impact us in surprising and often underlying ways. All of these thoughts deserve to exist, but it’s important to interpret which thoughts are helping you and which thoughts no longer serve you.

“You can use your thoughts to literally map to your actions, and then decide if those actions or inactions are helping you get to your goal or not.”

Get in touch with your emotions

Just as thoughts can direct actions, thoughts can affect emotions as well. Consider how each of these thoughts make you feel, how your body and mind react to the phrases you tell yourself. If there are thoughts that inspire you, latch onto those. If other thoughts leave you anxious, it might be time to work on letting them go.  

“Your job isn’t to decide if that feeling is good or bad.”

Guide your goals

When you take the time to get in touch with your inner thoughts and determine how they affect you, you will see your gaps in your thinking as well. Everything is a practice, and self-coaching your thoughts can become a practiced routine in your life when you focus on finding healthier thoughts. Guide yourself to better thoughts that inspire confidence in your goals. 

“It doesn’t have to be deep or profound, you are just practicing thinking a new thought.”

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