What if, instead of planning what we want 5 or 10 years down the line, we focus on what we want one year from now? This is the question that entrepreneur Hailey Thomas has built her system of career coaching around. This week, Hailey gives us a preview of the 4 components of ReFuel, her 6-month experience for women who want to learn how to identify survival patterns, dismantle them, and replace them with patterns that allow them to thrive. 

Weekly & Monthly Evaluations 

Consistency and accountability are guiding principles that Hailey strongly believes in for her clients. In Refuel, you’ll process through complex ideas and map out the next steps in evaluations given in a group setting, with each participant getting their own feedback opportunity. 

“All of this is going to happen with the overarching goal for you to learn how to identify and rewrite the stories that keep you stuck.” 

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions  

At the core of ReFuel is the idea of creating a safe space for women to learn and become stronger. Within a small group coaching session, you’ll get the opportunity to receive individualized attention as well as to sit in on the advice that other group members are given. 

“Your job is to replace them with thoughts that generate sustainable and simple results for you, the results you want to see.” 

Weekly Guided Audio Training  

In a short weekly prompt, Hailey will encourage her ReFuel students to tackle different learning concepts. With tools and tips from past clients and from Hailey’s own business experience, you’ll have audio tools to carry you through your goal journey, even after ReFuel ends.  

“Switching fuel sources doesn’t come by happenstance, it doesn’t happen accidentally.” 

Monthly Expert Guest Sessions  

Along with advice from her own experience, Hailey has invited 6 guests to provide ReFuel participants with additional information and expertise on essential topics. You’ll get to hear a variety of individuals tell their stories, and you’ll even be able to ask questions of your own.  

“I want you to leave the 6 months with all the skills necessary to be a strong CEO.” 


You can find out more about ReFuel here. 

 You can connect with Hailey through her website 

 You can schedule a clarity call with Hailey here: https://oyfn.co/clarity/