What if, instead of planning what we want 5 or 10 years down the line, we focus on what we want one year from now? This is the question that entrepreneur Hailey Thomas has built her system of career coaching around. This week, Hailey addresses a question her clients ask her all the time: When will I reach my revenue goal? This episode takes you through the essential mechanisms of revenue and explains what you need to reach that next financial milestone.


You have to become a new and improved version of yourself to reach the goals you set, especially when it comes to revenue goals for your business. Hailey often coaches entrepreneurs that are unsure how to make more money, and she takes pride in being able to provide these clients with the advice they need to become aware of the skills they currently lack.

“My clients don’t need me. My clients hire me because they want to go further faster, and they want it to be a more enjoyable ride.”


Once you become aware of the skills you want to develop and the information you want to learn, it’s all about finding the experiences and opportunities to build upon your foundation. Whether these opportunities come in the form of in-depth courses or just trying your hand at something new, Hailey believes that initiative has to be taken in order to find what you or your business might be missing and to practice without fear of failure.

“You have to have tried things and failed to be able to try things and succeed.”


Learning what you need to learn comes from making multiple attempts and taking risks. As a coach for entrepreneurs in all stages of business, Hailey knows that knowledge has to come from challenging comfort zones and encouraging new experiences that provide her clients with what they need to be better business owners and to achieve even their most ambitious goals.

“I love my clients and I want them to feel good and safe, and also challenge them regularly.”


It’s only through becoming aware, taking advantage of opportunities, and gaining knowledge that confidence can develop and take you to new heights as a CEO. Sometimes, what Hailey’s clients really need is more gas in the tank to fuel themselves on the journey ahead. This is why coaches are so essential to goal achievement: they provide you with a way to go further and faster without losing sight of what’s important.

“You will hit your revenue goal when you are the person that is able to create that revenue.”

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