What if, instead of planning what we want 5 or 10 years down the line, we focus on what we want one year from now? This is the question that entrepreneur Hailey Thomas has built her system of career coaching around. This week, Hailey gives her listeners the gift of discernment and defines the differences between therapy, consulting, and coaching. As someone that has utilized all three, Hailey believes that these three tools absolutely can work well together, as long as the intentions and outcomes of each are understood.  


As a tool that can be used for a wide variety of issues and outcomes, therapy involves a medical professional observing and providing insight and activities that work over a long period of time. Hailey’s personal experience with therapy has shifted throughout her life, allowing her (and many of her clients) to work through anxiety, trauma, stress, and emotions that coaches or consultants may not be qualified to help with.  

“Therapy is more about understanding and is more about healing than it is about getting to a specific goal or creating a specific solution.” 


Consulting, although it can go hand-in-hand with coaching, is much more akin to teaching. As a tool that is more set in stone, collaboration and guidance are not as much a part of the consultation. Instead, consultants have a set school of thought, task, or discipline to teach you, with a more strict approach on how you should execute and what your end result should look like. Whether they’re consulting on a specific skill or program, it often won’t be customizable.  

“Consulting is, ‘I have the answers, and we’re going to apply those answers to what your business is.’” 


Unlike consulting’s teacher approach and therapy’s medical approach, coaching takes on a different perspective in its collaboration and partnership aspects. Coaching is about working together, and your coach has the task of guiding you through problems and helping you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself and your business. Hailey’s expertise in coaching has allowed her to develop strong, beneficial relationships with all of her clients as she advises them through ups and downs in life and in entrepreneurship.  

“When you are working with a coach, it is as a partnership, as in you two are equals and you are creating a solution together.” 


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