This week, I delve deep into thoughts and beliefs, and how what we believe about ourselves, our businesses, and our customer base can radically change our tactics and our results. 

In this episode, I cover:

  • Understanding the differences and links between beliefs, thoughts, actions, and results 
  • Creating confidence as a CEO
  • Visualizing your client’s desires and needs
  • Finding value in the work you do and services you provide
  • Discovering how to alter your beliefs to build a better business

What do you believe about yourself?

If you’re lacking confidence as a CEO, the actions you’re taking may never have the results you actually want. When analyzing real-life examples from my clients, I’ve discovered that confidence derives from positive beliefs about ourselves and about our values. When shame, embarrassment, and uncertainty are introduced into our beliefs and become a part of our thoughts, it can hinder us from taking the proper steps forward and being present in the opportunities ahead of us. 

“When you’re feeling inadequate, you’re not trying to shake things up and you’re not moving confidently.” 

What do you believe about your clients?

To sell your product or service, you need to believe that people will want to buy it. I have seen many of my clients come forward with doubts about whether their product is worth purchasing from them, or if customers will genuinely feel compelled to pay for a service in the first place. This lack of belief in a strong consumer base and an audience worth engaging creates hesitation in marketing and pushes you away from the goals you’ve set. Instead, ask yourself why you have so little trust in your potential clients and how you can change that perspective. 

“Beliefs are just thoughts that you’ve accepted as truths.”

What do you believe about the work you do? 

When you talk about your business, do you feel like it has a purpose? Without a strong system of beliefs in the work you do, any effort you’re putting into growing your business, expanding your customer base, or making decisions like a CEO might be wasted. The results you want won’t just come from changing tactics or trying out new systems, they have to come from a genuine thought that you’re doing something worthwhile and that this business and this work that you’re doing deserves to not only exist but to succeed. 

“Your job is to understand what you are not believing and what you are believing about your work because that is going to impact so dramatically the tactics that you do and the actions that you take.”

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