This week, I ask an important question: “What is the quality of your thoughts, ideas, and solutions?” Follow along as I explain how the quality of your solutions can be impacted and guide you through a 3-question self-reflection exercise in examining the different pieces of your business. 

In this episode, I cover:

  • Understanding revenue as a result of value
  • Providing big vs small solutions
  • Creating time to raise your quality
  • Taking care of the battery that runs your business (that’s you!)
  • Examining your thoughts in a self-reflection exercise
  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would I rate the quality of this piece of my business?

Revenue is the result of the quality of the solutions that your business provides. There’s tons of different pieces in a business. My business includes pieces that involve podcasting, posting on social media, and attending networking events. These pieces are vehicles for me to provide solutions to clients, but they aren’t the solutions themselves. When it comes to rating the quality of these pieces, it boils down to what I provide with these different elements. If I’m phoning it in with one piece rated at a 1 or 2, the quality overall is suffering.

“The value that your business provides to other people in your niche (or who you serve), that can be measured by revenue.” 

  1. Why did I rate it this way?

This question isn’t an opportunity for you to say mean things about yourself or your business, it’s instead an opportunity for examination, understanding, and growth. What about this piece doesn’t hold up to your own standards of quality? Maybe your standards are too high for this current stage in your business ownership, or perhaps you really are struggling with creating high quality content. It’s not production value or aesthetics that create high quality solutions, it’s about forging strong and worthwhile connections. 

“The quality as you measure it is going to fluctuate, and that’s okay.”

  1. What is it going to take to move that rating upwards?

Quality will be a constantly fluctuating part of your business, as will revenue. Not every piece of your business will be a perfect 10, but the quality of each piece can be raised when we make the choice to work on it. Creating the time, making a plan, and sticking to that plan is a fantastic way to raise your quality and change your perspective on different pieces of your business. Remember that the time you devote to thinking about your business and the thoughts (negative or positive) you have about it can vastly impact your results. 

“It is your job to create time for yourself to create high quality solutions for your clients.”


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