This week, I’m joined by my coach and mentor, Serena Hicks, in part two of a two-part conversation to discuss her first $100k month, reframing her thoughts around business, and how the concept of Big, Happy Money changed everything for her.  

In this episode, Serena and I cover: 

  • Letting yourself see how good you are at your job 
  • Removing the armor of excellence  
  • Controlling the controllable to avoid worrying too much 
  • Understanding that the thriving other people have is available for you too 
  • Giving yourself permission to be an imperfect person 

Marketing and shifting perspectives 

Through her own journey with coaching, Serena’s life has been undoubtedly changed for the better. As someone with her own experience in marketing, taking opportunities to expand her knowledge and to work with coaches who have marketing expertise has shown Serena that what matters in marketing is potential. It isn’t about perfection or about spending tons of time on one specific tactic, it is really about showing customers and clients the possibilities that are available to them and for them when they work with you.  

“Marketing is actually just showing people what is possible for them.” 

Learning and growing consistently 

The learning process is an essential one, no matter where you are in owning your business. For Serena, knowledge has granted her the possibility to see what’s ahead and the confidence to take responsibility in all that she does. Her clients benefit from this hunger Serena has to learn more, to educate herself, to enhance her experiences, and to risk making mistakes in order to try something new. Serena also benefits from this too, figuring out how to make money, support herself, and embrace being the imperfectly perfect person she is.  

“Everything that I do that is in service to me learning and growing is ultimately in service to my clients.” 

Feeling stuck and getting unstuck  

So many of my clients come to me because they’re feeling stuck, and Serena has had her fair share of experiences with being stuck too. Struggling with money, feeling down on herself, and grieving her deceased brother are all things that contributed to so many of the “stuck” feelings she was having before her success at the end of 2020. It was only through understanding her worth, seeing herself as the helpful coach she was, and knowing that she could thrive that Serena was able to get unstuck and make all the money she was striving to make.  

“I’ve allowed myself to see how I’ve supported and helped some of my clients change their life.” 

More about Serena:  

Biracial Biz Coach for intentionally inclusive folx who want to make way more money (and create generational wealth) by working way less. My career started at MTV News in 2000. I spent the next decade working for MTV, VHI, Comedy Central, Martha Stewart, and finally Tyra Banks in NYC before I moved back to my home state of Texas, where I mostly just struggled in corporate America (sponsorships and PR) before having a personal revelation and revolution as an overweight, totally broke, totally single, 40-year-old grieving her recently deceased big brother. I hired my first coach and soon figured out how to make a ton of money by melting into the magic of life and what changes when I chose to show up in it and for it unapologetically. 



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