While many of my clients are polymathic in nature, it doesn’t mean your business diversification has to happen outside of your main income source. 

In this episode:

  • Diversification of biz models isn’t limited to *outside* of your business! 
  • Why OFYN Residents know they can build whatever they want forever
  • 6 Types of income streams to diversify (with examples!) 
  • Things you need to keep in mind when adding a new line of business
  • Balancing a “learner’s mindset” and smart business management
  • The two best times to diversify



The Residency is a 12-month life + business coaching container for high-impact entrepreneurs. We create clear, compelling vision for your life and work and then bring it all into reality in one year.

We’re blending sound business strategy, psychology and trauma-informed coaching practices to help you increase your business proficiency and mental/emotional maturity.

These tools will allow you to build whatever the hell you want (highly profitable business assets, deeply impactful nonprofits, narrative-shifting special projects…) for the rest of your life.

Enrollment is open now. Visit oyfn.co/residency to learn more and apply.

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