This week, after this topic has come up numerous times in coaching calls, I break down the concept of privilege and how it can impact your pricing, your packaging, and the decisions you make within your business. 

In this episode, 

  • Breaking down 2 specific client experiences with privilege
  • Understanding how your thoughts shape your emotions
  • Making decisions based on responding, not reacting
  • Avoiding the dangers of self-flogging
  • Thriving in a way that benefits everyone


When we’re faced with the difficult reality of our privilege, our brain tries to either over or underreact. We might tell ourselves that we deserve to feel these hard and difficult feelings, falling victim to self-flogging and shame as we try to fit our businesses into affordable packages and price points so they can be accessible to everyone. Or we might run from that feeling completely, unable to react without freezing in fear. Instead, I invite my clients to take a step back, to process what they’ve learned, and to not make a reactionary decision from a place of difficult feelings.

“A reaction is an unexamined response. A reaction does not have agency to it, it is just the default reaction that your brain does and that’s not making good decisions.”


Instead of reacting, we have to learn how to respond. Consider who you really want to appeal to, the target audience of your products and services, and remember the reasons why you set out to create this business in the first place and what that business needs to thrive. Thriving is not a limit set in this world, there is no limit that says that we cannot all succeed. Don’t fall victim to the idea that everything you do needs to be applicable and accessible to everyone, especially when reacting instead of responding could damage your business irreparably.  

“When you’re able to make thoughtful responses to your thoughts and emotions, you have so much power over yourself and over what happens in your business and in your life.”


When you respond instead of react, you allow yourself and your business the opportunity to thrive. Guess what? That helps others thrive too. Your business succeeds and you begin to thrive, and you can channel your passion for privilege, for diversity, for equality, for intersectionality, into actual direct action.

“Price and packaging is a way that gets your clients an outcome. That is what’s most important, is that clients get the outcome that they’re after.”


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