This week, I’m talking about 3 areas (decisions, discomfort, and simplicity) where I see first-generation entrepreneurs struggle the most as well as breaking down common practices that help us expand our capacities. 

In this episode, I cover:

  • Learning how much capacity we have 
  • Understanding where we struggle and lack as entrepreneurs 
  • Being aware of what’s most important to our businesses 
  • Expanding our capacity and dealing with growing pains
  • Managing yourself through this process

Struggle areas:


Making decisions on our own in a timely and efficient manner has proven to be harder than it seems for most of my clients, especially those in transition from employee to entrepreneur. When we’re in charge of our choices, we also become responsible for the consequences. The fear of failure is one of the hardest to face. 

“You have to grow your ability to believe in something before it is live and out in the world.”


When the spotlight is on us, it isn’t shocking when stage fright comes right along with that. Discomfort can take many forms for entrepreneurs, including a discomfort with being seen, with making all the decisions, and with not knowing all the answers. We all have to deal with growing pains, but business owners have to manage more discomfort than anyone else. 

“The capacity to allow discomfort and still make decisions and move forward is huge.”


We all say we want to keep things simple, but most of us never actually follow that philosophy. It is too easy to fall into the trap of feeling like we need to do more. When we experience this feeling, we add unnecessary events and responsibilities to our schedules and our lives, resulting in a very complex and complicated life. 

“We end up making our worlds far more complex than they need to be.”

Tips on expanding: 


The saying “practice makes perfect” couldn’t be more true when it comes to expanding your capacity for the three struggle areas I’ve mentioned above. Every single day, find an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, make a few difficult decisions, and optimize your schedule to be as simple as possible. 

“Practice in small ways so that you can increase your capacity over time.”


Growing pains are common, but our brain often makes the process of expanding even more painful through being fearful of any changes. Remember that as you practice expanding everyday, be on the lookout for the way your brain may try to run from what’s new to return to what feels more comfortable. 

“This new state is not what’s normal yet, so our brains are constantly trying to bring us back to our original identity.”

Be Aware 

Expanding your capacity is all about awareness and action in every single thing you do. This especially relates to the awareness of your body and the way that it may react to this new practice you’re enacting. When you come to a point where you feel the anxiety and nervousness creeping in, remind yourself that this is a positive growing experience, not something to fear. 

“You’re literally rewiring and reworking what your body sees as a threat.”


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