This week, I show you how to remind your brain who you are and what you’ve accomplished through celebration. As simple as it may sound, our brains require a lot of purposeful celebration practice in order to create new checkpoints and solidify our identities. 

In this episode, I cover: 

  • Integrating identity through celebration 
  • Cementing the truth of where we are now 
  • Practicing celebration with 4 helpful steps 
  • Understanding your brain’s fear of celebrating
  • Creating checkpoints to keep moving upwards

Four Steps to Celebration:

  1. Create a List of “I Am” Statements 

When it comes to celebrating yourself, you first have to acknowledge what you have done and what is worth celebrating. Maybe you’ve reached an income goal or perhaps you’ve mastered a new skill; no matter what it is, say it out loud to yourself and create solid, truthful, and definitive statements that guide your brain to understanding where you are now. 

“At least every month, you should be celebrating in this way, no matter what happens.”

  1. Get Physical

It isn’t enough just to say it or think it. Our brains work with our bodies every single day to create memories and to learn new things. During your celebration practice, show your brain how you’re feeling by physically moving your body. Have a dance party, give yourself a hug, or even just take a nice relaxing walk around the block.

“It is not enough just to think about who you are, you need to experience this new identity in your body.”

  1. Write it Down 

We love writing notes and cards to our friends and family when they celebrate new milestones, but do you ever do that for yourself? Celebration of your own achievements and milestones is all about self-love and self-trust. Write a note or a card to compliment and congratulate yourself on a job well done. 

“You have to learn how to celebrate yourself, you have to learn how to create these checkpoints.”

  1. Gift Yourself a Trophy

Big or small, expensive or not, you deserve a treat for working hard enough to get to where you are today. Solidify your success with a tangible, physical item of your choice, and make sure it isn’t something you would have just bought anyways. Whether it’s a nice meal or a fun present, remember that you achieved something that deserves this recognition. 

“Celebration to me is vitally important to creating a new identity as a successful entrepreneur.”


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