This week, I discuss my own version of “self care”: self consideration. Whether we’re in a lot of pain or we just need a day off, we need self consideration to guide ourselves (especially as entrepreneurs) through the human experience.

In this episode, I cover: 

  • Redefining the term “self care”
  • Connecting with self consideration as a practice
  • Numbing our feelings through overworking 
  • Creating your own protocols for the situations in your life 
  • Allowing space for yourself as a human being

Care about yourself as a living creature 

No matter which roles we take on in this life, very rarely do we find the opportunity to take care of ourselves like we would take care of the other living creatures around us. We are always taught to be considerate of others, to care for others in every way that we possibly can, but you need to find time within this caring for others to care for and be considerate of yourself. 

“Don’t forget, your body is made of organic matter and you need to consider it the same way you would consider something like a plant.”

Avoid rushing yourself through the process

When you’re taking the time to care and be considerate of yourself, it is important to give yourself the time to work through the protocols you have in place. Self-consideration is not a race, and you will not benefit from rushing your own feelings. If you don’t give yourself the time to feel what you’re feeling, you will burn out. 

“Our physical selves are often the last things we consider.”

Remember that you can’t entrepreneur your way out of this

As business owners, we think our problem-solving skills can get us out of every situation. However, no amount of work will take away the fact that you are a human being living on earth, dealing with all sorts of unique situations. When you need to be human, fall back on the protocols you set for yourself instead of just diving into work. 

“It makes a massive difference in our quality of lives, our quality of our experience on earth, and by virtue of that, the quality of our work and our experience on earth as business owners.”

Find your “off” switch

If you’re anything like me, you might find yourself numbing the feelings you’re experiencing when you find them at all inconvenient or hard to deal with. In reality, this only prolongs our pain. Find the activities and steps you need to shut off that hard-working part of your brain and get grounded in your human experience to cope with these feelings in a healthy way. 

“By kickstarting that process, I stop myself from the behavior that I don’t want.” 


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