This week, I’m joined by Jolinda Smithson, founder of Shapes and Colors, to talk about how she’s grown her business consistently through attraction-model marketing that aligns with her life and personality. 

In this episode, Jolinda and I cover: 

  • Changing her life from employee to entrepreneur
  • Knowing when it was time to hire a coach
  • Deciding to hire me as her coach and our first meetings together
  • Raising prices and changing business practices
  • Developing confidence in pricing and personality

More about Jolinda:

I have owned my business, Shapes and Colors, since 2009, working on a few projects a year. In September 2019, I began the adventure of working for myself full-time. I have worked in both corporate in-house marketing departments and in a small creative agency. My passion is helping business owners use visual communication to make their companies and their marketing work better. My skill set is in graphic and web design, but I have a network of creative partners who specialize in photography, videography, brand messaging, copywriting and social media. So if what you need is more than what I do, I happily play with friends! I love to see people excited about who they are and what they’re here to do in the world. 

Transitioning from part-time to full-time entrepreneurship

After years spent in the corporate world as well as the employee world, Jolinda saw Shapes and Colors as a side project that she longed to make her full-time business. When she took that opportunity to make her dreams a reality, it was a tough transition for her confidence and anxiety, even though she had prepared financially. It wasn’t until her revenue took a downturn she didn’t like that she decided to revamp and reorganize through our coaching sessions. 

“I never really treated it like a business that had to pay my bills. It was always like, well this sounds fun enough.” 

Learning the ropes of attraction-model marketing

When it came to confidence, Jolinda frequently saw herself struggling with feeling anxious and nervous about several aspects of showing up as herself in her business. Although she had experience with networking and public speaking, she worried that others may judge her and her decisions, or not like what they saw as the real her. In reality, her decision to focus on being genuine and authentic on social media and in Shapes and Colors drew clients to her quickly. 

“I try to just share my story, share who I think I can help, and even share who I don’t think I can help.”

Understanding how to raise prices like a business owner

It’s something many of my clients struggle with, and Jolinda herself had her own issues and concerns with raising the prices of her services. What worked best for her was understanding that she was worth these prices and that these prices guaranteed clients were committed to working with her and getting the best results. Now, her revenue goals are to double her total revenue from last year, and she’s well on her way with already $51K made. 

“There is not a ‘can you or can you not pay a higher price’, that isn’t the question…This is what is changing, and I invite you to come along to be a part of this.”

Attracting the right people to her business

When Jolinda focused on attraction-model marketing and raised her prices, she learned how to surround herself with the right clients that fit what her business could provide. As a hard-working, honesty-driven person, Jolinda has found a whole roster of clients over the past few months working with me who are dedicated to working with her and who provide her with the payment, respect, and loyalty that she deserves. 

“I think I attract people who appreciate straight talk and appreciate tough questions, and they also ask me tough questions and I answer them in truth.”


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