This week, I walk you through my 6-month coaching program and the experiences that my clients often go through during the coaching process. From the clarity call to month 6, each stage causes a different reaction in your brain as we continue on the path to life-altering change. 

In this episode, I cover: 

  • Experiencing different emotions at different stages in coaching
  • Finding excitement in the decisions you make 
  • Coping with feelings of fear and buyer’s remorse
  • Uncovering the challenges of each step in the process of change
  • Evaluating and celebrating your new identity

Clarity Call

My clients typically go into our clarity call with curiosity, excitement, and nervousness. This first step in the process is something new, and a decision will have to be made about if they’re ready for coaching or not. Making this decision by the end of our call to say yes or no throws many clients into an intense state of anxiety and feeling unsure, but it is essential to learn how to make a decision like this. 

“It doesn’t matter if you say yes or no, the brain is still going to panic about it.”


You’ve said yes, but now what? I warn most of my clients that there is often a moment after you agree to coaching where you will feel your own version of buyer’s remorse. You’ve just made a huge decision and commitment, and your brain knows that. The human brain is going to human brain; it will ring the alarm bell when things start to change and when your current sense of reality is challenged. 

“We’re doing lasting life change, it is not a small financial commitment and it is not a small time commitment.” 

Month 1-3

This is the time of cuts and changes. These first months are about hitting a hard reset on your preconceived notions, rethinking and repackaging your products, shifting new boundaries into place, and learning so much about what you need to do to hit the ground running on your goals. Things move quickly in this stage, which makes it exciting and fun, but your fear may tempt you to compromise on decisions that absolutely should not be compromised on. 

“If we don’t cut deep enough or make increases large enough, you’re going to be doing it again in a few months.”

Month 4-5

Here is where things get serious. You’ve made your decisions, changed your packages and pricing, committed to new habits and cut ties with things that were no longer serving you. Now, your brain has to learn to live with this new life, and it very likely won’t enjoy feeling out of its element. Some new ventures will fail, while others succeed in ways you might not be ready for. You might feel the urge to quit, but it’s important to remind yourself why you’re here: to change.

“This is where we learn how to love ourselves and how we’re going to see ourselves with respect no matter what happens.” 

Month 6

It’s time to evaluate and celebrate, too. You’ve reached the end of a 6 month program, and things have changed. You may have hit every single goal you were aiming for and if that’s the case, it’s time to celebrate and cement what’s next for you. But maybe you didn’t hit every goal, maybe things changed and it’s time to evaluate why. Either way, remind yourself that this is a life-changing and long-term commitment, and your decision to either keep going with coaching or to stop depends on your own needs. 

“The frustration can come when you stake your entire success on a single program or a single coach or even a single time through a program.”


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