This week, I talk about getting back into lifting weights, making progress on my business, and the 5 lessons these two journeys have taught me. 

In this episode, I cover: 

  • Restarting lifting after a long hiatus 
  • Learning to recognize my lack of love for training
  • Understanding similarities between working out and owning a business
  • Focusing on positive thought habits and accountability practices 
  • Seeing value in the “unsexy” side of entrepreneurship

5 Growth Lessons: 

  1. I will not push myself as far as other people will push me

As a coach, I understand the value of an accountability partner in any journey you take. A coach or a group of fellow entrepreneurs can push you further than you ever dreamed by supporting your goals, asking you insightful questions, and lending their own perspective and experience to your current situation. Working out has always been the same way for me. I lift more, make more consistent progress, and do the hard parts when I have people to keep me accountable. 

“I wonder how much of our businesses we run like that. We do the parts that we like, that feel good, that feel natural to us.” 

  1. Consistency and calm are everything 

Working out is much more about consistency than anything else. One day of lifting weights or running a mile won’t take you towards a place of calm goal achievement. You won’t be able to master a skill without keeping consistent and calm in your actions. Just like working out, owning and running your business is all about practice. Making decisions consistently, keeping up with goals and objectives, and maintaining composure are vital aspects for entrepreneurs to learn. 

“It’s learning to have composure. It’s learning when we’re going to push and when we’re going to rest.”

  1. The thoughts I have while doing the work matter most 

I’ve talked in previous episodes about the importance of a positive mindset. The thoughts you have about yourself, your business, and the products you’re selling reflect outwards in the work that you do and the energy you convey to others. Working out requires a positive perspective too. Feeling defeated in the exercises you do or maintaining a negative mindset will hinder your growth and your energy levels. 

“You can do the same workout, the same marketing tasks, with two completely different sets of thoughts and have two completely different energy levels.”

  1. It’s not about making it easier, it’s about getting stronger

If you’re anything like me, you have your own exercises that you don’t like. They’re hard, they’re uncomfortable, and you’ve probably searched for a way to make them easier. In reality, making something easier won’t make the exercise more enjoyable and won’t make your progress move at the speed you want it to. Your business and all that you do for it needs to be examined under the same concept. You have to strive for strength, not for the easy way out. 

“How often do you try to make it easier, instead of getting really curious?”

  1. Growth usually happens outside of the reps 

You think you’re putting the work in and showing up when it matters, but you aren’t growing as a business owner in the way you want to. The reason why? Because you aren’t fostering and encouraging that growth in the moments in between. In between working out, your body needs rest, nourishment, and extra training. Your business is the same way, with your success being much more dependent on what you do outside of the features you offer. 

“The features almost don’t matter. It’s all the stuff around your offer and around the decisions you make in your business that matter.”


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