This week, I tackle making peace with your to-do list as part 1 of my 3-part series on mindset concepts for multi-brand entrepreneurs.

In this episode, I cover: 

  • Understanding the concept of multi-brand entrepreneurship
  • Managing your inbox and your calendar 
  • Pouring your tasks to fit your capacity
  • Giving back tasks that are not your responsibility
  • Reassigning, removing, and delegating

Your to-do list is not your enemy

When tasks pile up and things get stressful, it feels easy to point fingers at our to-do lists and to place that at fault. In actuality, it’s us that keeps us busy, agreeing to take on projects and to help with tasks that we don’t have the capacity to complete. Instead of making your to-do list your enemy, understand that this list keeps you organized and will always be a necessity in your life, especially as an entrepreneur. 

“Your to-do list is not keeping you stressed, you are keeping you stressed.

You will always have a to-do list

Despite what we may tell ourselves when looking at our long lists of tasks, there will never be a time when we don’t have at least something to do. Adulthood and the many roles that come with it cannot be condensed down to a 9-to-5 schedule or a 5-day work week, and that’s okay. Make peace with the fact that you always will have something filling up a few ounces of your cup, and make sure that you don’t overflow with too many responsibilities.

“Because you are an adult, you will never again in your existence not have something to do.” 

You can change your relationship with your to-do list

It’s hard work to change your mindset, but it’s especially rewarding in the case of your to-do list. You are responsible for your responsibilities, and although that may seem self-explanatory, it’s common practice amongst hard workers like us to fill our lists with other people’s work. See your to-do list as the amazing tool it is by respecting your capacity and showcasing your passions. Don’t let that relationship get ruined by a dreading mindset or a need to please.  

“Your job is to be in charge of the resources you have available to you: your time, your energy, and your effort.”

A preview of next week’s topic: Being too busy trying to be helpful, instead of focusing on what it means to be impactful.


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