This week, I talk about intimidation and its role in the expansion process for part 3 of my 3-part series on mindset concepts for multi-brand entrepreneurs.

In this episode, I cover:

  • Defining intimidation and recognizing it 
  • Finding discomfort in the comfortable parts of your business
  • Outlining the stages and feelings of expansion 
  • Identifying how you’re responding to and coping with intimidation 
  • Working through these feelings in a productive and helpful way

Possible areas you might feel intimidated with: 

Your own vision

An area of my business I’ve found particularly intimidating recently is realizing how close certain aspects of my vision are to becoming a reality. As entrepreneurs, we often become used to the moments of high stress and constant work, and in return may forget about what that hard work is for. The automated systems you set in place and the processes in your business that are working do not need to be changed to distract yourself from feelings of intimidation. Instead, I challenge you to see these feelings as part of your vision coming to life. 

“Thoughts are not just in a vacuum… As you change your thoughts, a physiological change is happening in your brain.”

Your peers 

When you achieve a certain level of success, the individuals in your industry that you look up to and take inspiration from may become your peers. While your peers may never intimidate you on purpose, this won’t prevent your brain from stepping in to introduce intimidated feelings into the equation. Intimidation is not your brain working against you, it is your brain protecting you from situations that might feel different or out of your comfort zone. Remember that you have become peers with these individuals for a reason and your hard work deserves this recognition.   

“You can’t solve for anything that you don’t know is there. You cannot be with and help yourself move through something that you won’t acknowledge is there.” 

Your process of growth 

The process of expansion and growth is less talked about than it should be, especially when this process often involves negative feelings and questioning of if you’re on the right path. When we begin a process of expansion, we are excited about where we plan to go and the potential on the horizon. However, we can never go directly from the excited stage to the quantum leap of success. In the midst of growth, intimidation arises as our brain tries to rationalize our fear and uncertainty, making us freeze when instead we need to keep pushing forward with patience and self-compassion. 

“Growth is really exciting and sounds really fun until you have to go through the entire cycle of expansion.”


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