This week, I talk about the question, “Why isn’t this working?”, and what questions to ask yourself instead when it’s time to get curious about your growth without hitting the panic button. 

In this episode, I cover:

  • Understanding the expectations vs reality of your business’ current stage
  • Learning from my personal experiences in the year ones of V.A. and coaching
  • Choosing deliberate thoughts to have about your business and yourself 
  • Letting yourself feel your feelings while still staying grounded in reality
  • Asking high quality questions to keep moving forward and being curious

3 thoughts I kept in mind during my year ones: 

I can sell anyone anything 

Intentional thoughts have more of an effect on us than we may think, and turning our thoughts from negative to positive can deeply impact our relationships with ourselves, our clients, and our businesses. “Why isn’t this working?” is a question that preys on the most vulnerable parts of your business, and this question often leads us right into panic mode. When we doubt that our business is working, we doubt our abilities to sell and our sales often decrease because of that.

“A thing I believe about myself is that I can sell anyone anything. That is an optional thought, I can just as easily not think that.”

I can figure this out 

Consider instead what being curious and motivated in your thoughts can do for your business. Personally, keeping my thoughts oriented around growth, learning, and figuring things out helped me grow both versions of my career (first as a virtual assistant, second as a coach) from very low numbers to genuinely thriving businesses. Your first few years of your business are for figuring things out. Someone else’s success does not determine the ways you can succeed. 

“Your business is probably working just fine. What needs to happen is that we need to rewrite your relationship with the stage your business is in.”

What haven’t I tried yet? 

There’s a huge difference between high quality and low quality questions you can ask yourself about your business, with “Why isn’t this working?” being a low quality question that won’t get you to where you need to be. Questions should make you curious, should be prompts for research and exploration into yourself, your clients, and your current business model. Asking yourself why something isn’t working prevents you from seeing all the ways that your business already is working for you. 

“You want high-quality questions that get you into research mode.”


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