This week, I’m joined by Dr. Krystal Conner, a certified life coach and fellow entrepreneur, as we discuss her inspiration to become a life coach and how she sells life coaching to her audience. 

In this episode, Krystal and I cover:

  • Changing her own opinion on life coaching
  • Knowing how to create your own happiness 
  • Comparing high earnings as an employee vs entrepreneur
  • Doubting herself and pushing through negative thoughts
  • Shaping her business and gearing up for the future

Highlights from my conversation with Krystal:

Finding her place in life coaching 

Starting her life in the world of pharmaceuticals and w2 careers, Krystal didn’t believe in life coaching as a worthwhile role until she experienced help from a life coach herself. With a better perspective on her life and the guidance necessary to become an entrepreneur, Krystal dove deep into coaching and found her niche in helping the women that want more out of life without compromising on their dreams and ambitions as full-formed, well-rounded human beings. 

“I work with ambitious women who want to have it all.”

Understanding what it means to reach personal goals

Many of Krystal’s clients are very similar to her, and initially approach life coaching with an outward perspective on the world around them. Just like Krystal once behaved before finding her own life coach, many of us blame the situations and the people around us for the things that go “wrong” in our lives. Instead, she challenges her clients to build from within, setting up strong foundations that can weather the storms of life without crumbling. 

“The 10 out of 10 dream life is really like, can you manage your emotions? Can you be at peace no matter what’s going on around you?”

Doubting her ability to make money 

In a previous episode, I talked about the question, “why isn’t my business working?”, and the detrimental results that can come from convincing ourselves that we’re not growing fast enough. Many of my clients struggle with this in their first year of business, and Krystal was no different. With no example to aspire to in terms of high-earning life coaches, Krystal worried she wouldn’t be able to reach her six figure goals, and saw those negative thoughts reflected in her income. 

“When I kept thinking that no one was going to pay me for this…it showed up in my result.”

Learning that it’s not a race

When talking about future goals and her one year from now vision, Krystal keeps it simple and aims for the incorporation of group coaching alongside her one-on-one sessions. While she initially wanted to introduce this aspect of coaching to her business earlier on, she was wise enough to understand her limits and reconsider what she could currently take on. It is important to work hard, but entrepreneurship needs to go at your pace, not at someone else’s. 

“I don’t want to hustle and burn myself out just to say I hit my goal, when I’ll just feel miserable.”


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