This week, I breakdown why success should be treated as only a tiny part of your entrepreneurship journey and how to move forward in creating a better relationship with the concept of success and goal achievement. 

In this episode, I cover: 

  • Harming our careers through letting success define us
  • Breaking the vicious cycle of success as a “permanent” state
  • Understanding the process is not linear, but it is a cycle 
  • Becoming who you want to become
  • Developing goals that suit your needs and your identity

Purposeful acclimation and integration 

The initial step in breaking free from the toxic mindset of permanent success is to remind your brain that when a goal is achieved, you deserve to celebrate instead of panic. I’ve talked quite extensively about the importance of celebration before, but I feel like it needs to be reiterated that your brain does not always know how to adapt to the situation around you and celebrating and acknowledging your hard work can serve as a mental “save point” for your mindset. 

“You have to actively remind your brain that you’re not starting from zero.”

Rest and inspiration

You cannot keep driving on an empty tank of gas, especially when entrepreneurship requires us to always be on our a-game in terms of creativity and innovation. To develop the ideas to take you to your next goal, you need to be able to rest and discover inspiration in a much more calm environment. Whether this is a day off or a change of scenery, let yourself have that rest to recharge your creativity. 

“Getting inspired and being rested is part of the formula…it cannot be an afterthought.”

Realignment with your long term vision 

The long-term vision of your business and your career needs to be at the heart of your goals and your ideas around success. I highly recommend to all my clients to revisit their long term vision often, especially when it comes to the little successes they make along the way. Many entrepreneurs long to leave a lasting legacy as their long-term vision. Instead of only focusing forward, make sure you also honor the ambitions of your past self that developed your vision. 

“I think about setting goals as mini challenges to mature you into the person you want to become.” 

Set new goals based on who you want to become 

Just like how you want to keep your long-term vision in mind, you should also keep the person you want to become in mind as well, especially when it becomes time to create new goals and strive for a new success in your career. Each skill you master, client you land, and product you sell can help lead you to the person you want to be and to the business you want to have created. Success is just a tiny piece in your journey to become who you are destined to be. 

“When you think about success as a permanent state, you’re always going to feel lacking because you’re constantly going in and out of it.” 


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