I discuss a method of planning for this year’s quarter 4 that puts rest and personal wellness at the foundation of your business and your life. Using 2 (or 3) days in the last 4 months of this year, you can recharge yourself, reorient your business, and respect the limitations of your body, all while taking advantage of the exciting opportunities ahead. 

In this episode, I cover: 

  • Hurting your business by being overstressed and overworked
  • Taking advantage of a proper calendar system
  • Planning ahead for business AND for life
  • Learning your limitations when it comes to rest and relaxation 
  • Challenging yourself and empowering those who work with you

Four steps to gain control of your rest days:

  1. Choose a calendar to work from

We all have way too many calendars we work with from day to day. Between the calendars on all of our devices and the many items we might use as written calendars (notebooks, agendas, you name it), it can be chaotic to know where to start with keeping ourselves organized. In this situation, I challenge you to choose one calendar to work from and set all of your dates for the next quarter in one place, preferably somewhere like your phone so you can set up reminders and keep yourself in tune with your daily plans. 

“We get excited about possibilities and we overstuff and overplan.”

  1. Add in predetermined and important dates

Once you have your calendar, log the dates you know are important, both to your business and your personal life. A few dates I suggest include: the final production day of your business for the year, the final day for sending end of the year invoices and documents, important holidays, and any family or relationship-related events (such as anniversaries or birthdays). Once you have these important dates down, you can help yourself determine what the road ahead may look like in terms of when you’re working and when you’re dealing with other obligations. 

“Think about your personal thriving first…and work backwards from there.”

  1. Add in 2 (or 3) days of 24-hour designated rest

Now that your calendar is set up with those predetermined dates, the rest days can fall into place. I highly recommend 3 rest days for the final quarter of this year, but 2 days at least should be your benchmark for scheduling. Although it may feel impossible, I guarantee that you have at least 2, 24-hour periods where you can take time to rest and relax. Avoid working, spending time with clients, or heavy travel. Plan ahead for babysitters or errand running. Let yourself have a calm day with a schedule of activities you genuinely enjoy. 

“You can loosely plan it so that in your brain it’s legitimate, it’s not optional.” 

  1. Prepare your world for your rest days

The final step is going to be planning ahead for all the things a rest day shouldn’t be. For my entrepreneur clients, this especially means finding someone to take the reins of your business in your absence and to do the administrative work while you take the chance to recharge your mind and your body. It might also mean lending the duties of your home life to a partner or friend. Instead of making excuses about having too much to do, consider why it may feel impossible to give up control for a day. As an adult, you have to take responsibility for your actions AND for your rest. 

“It is imperative that you empower the people around you to think and do for themselves.” 


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