I identify the specific differences between strategy and mindset, advise on when to invest in strategy work and when to work on your mindset, and showcase through client examples and my own personal experiences why mindset and strategy work best when they get a chance to share the spotlight. 

In this episode, I cover: 

  • Breaking down the barriers between strategy and mindset with an iceberg analogy
  • Understanding that investment can either be in money or in time
  • Stepping up to the next level with strategy
  • Changing your mindset to increase your positive growth
  • Unveiling a new upcoming and exciting way to work with me in 2022

Money, time, and when to invest with which

When we’re discussing an investment in any matter of business, it’s important to note that investments aren’t always financial. Consider this: time is the most expensive way you can invest, period. Time is non-renewable and can’t just be generated through a business process; money, on the other hand, can be an incredibly renewable resource when your business is doing well. What matters most about making the decision to either put a dollar amount behind something or put some serious man-hours in is that you pick what actually fits what you have the actual capacity for. 

“You are always investing anyway. It is up to you to decide where and when it is appropriate to invest time or capital.”

What strategy work looks like 

If we’re talking about strategy, we’re talking about a method of doing something. Everyone sees your strategy, and you can see everyone else’s, too. That’s why when working with someone else’s strategy or adapting your strategy based on someone else’s advice, you have to be careful to use it as a support towards your goal, not the singular thing that will get you to the next benchmark. Strategies are simple and time-saving solutions, but no strategy can fix a broken mindset or overpower the hurt brought on by a negative perspective. 

“You can’t use strategy as a way to outsource responsibility for results.”

When to invest in improving your mindset

Strategies cannot fix your mindset, but your mindset may be the thing that is ruining your current strategy. As I’ve spoken about before on my podcast, there’s not just one right way to do something. Every popular strategy and process in business exists because someone (and by someone, I mean a lot of someones) has at some point made money with it. The problem doesn’t have to be your business or your strategy for you to encounter struggle, sometimes the main conflict can be your lack of positive perspective or genuine belief in your own success. 

“You cannot invest in mindset work as a way to not take action.”

My method of working with mindset and strategy 

I firmly believe in a healthy balance between working on your mindset and on your strategy, and this is the method I use with each of my coaching clients. The sweet spot of success is finding a positive and confident mindset to move yourself forward in fully planning and fleshing out your strategy. You cannot build a good strategy without a good mindset, and you cannot spend your entire business in the thought mode of mindset building. They have to go hand-in-hand, and there is no shame in needing help to achieve that as an entrepreneur. 

“We vision, we review the gap, we identify the mindset and strategic holes, and we fill those holes with compassion and grace, then we rinse and repeat.” 


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