I reveal all the details of my upcoming group coaching program, One Year From Now: The Residency. From my initial brainstorming thoughts surrounding this opportunity to scale my business to the actual outline of what we’re going to be covering within this 12-month container for entrepreneurial growth, this is the perfect episode for those interested in applying for the program to get a better idea of what to expect.

In this episode, I cover:

  • Define self-built security and the illusion of job safety/security

  • The essence of The Residency

  • What it is and who it’s for

  • Success parameters

  • 3 things you can do right now to prepare

It is one thing to feel secure in a w2 position, where you rely on your corporation to provide you with that security, and another to feel secure as an entrepreneur, where you have to build self-trust and your own sense of security. The Residency is a program that aims to highlight self-built security as a strong standard of any successful entrepreneur. Self-built security could have many definitions and interpretations, but what we will be focusing on is the idea that self-built security is the resilience to feel stable and free from excessive fear or anxiety, no matter what.

“When you create security for yourself, those fears are still there…but they no longer have power over you. They’re no longer the defining factors for what you can and cannot do with your life.”

Goals of The Residency 

As we look forward into the lens of self-built security, it’s important to consider what the real goals of One Year From Now: The Residency will be. With the current 12-month plan, the following goals will be our aim, both as individual entrepreneur and as a group offering support to one another: 

  1. Double your primary business with a 50% profitability
  2. Get specific and start actioning on your Legacy List (projects and experiences that are going to have a ripple out effect on the world)
  3. Create a wealth-building plan fit for your life as an entrepreneur
  4. Gain confidence and self-built security to make deals and build the life of a 6-figure entrepreneur 

“This container allows you to really sink in and grow the maturity and the specificity that are going to become the hallmarks of your career as an entrepreneur.”

Success parameters

When we know the goals of The Residency, it’s important too to define the success parameters of what will bring us the results we’re looking for. Some of these parameters include the following elements, repeated until success and supported by your peers that will be going through the same exercises: 

  1. Securing primary income source so that its dependable and built for thriving
  2. Learning skills to scale a project from $50k to $150k
  3. Preparing a plan to exit from an asset
  4. Being the CEO of your whole life
  5. Distributing time and energy across multiple projects in a way that honors your humanity
  6. Stepping fully into identity as an entrepreneur


“You just want to be literally the best version of you as an entrepreneur that’s possible out in the world.”

If you’re interested, here’s what’s next: 

The Residency program isn’t for every entrepreneur, and my hope is that this episode helps you feel either incredibly intrigued or fully checked out. Either answer, yes or no, is completely fine. But if your answer is “yes, I’m interested”, here’s the next three steps you should take: 

  1. Get excited and get hopeful about next phase of your life as an entrepreneur and what can be
  2. Decide that you belong in this room and coach yourself forward
  3. Mind the logistics, head to brainspaceoptimized.com/residency, and schedule your application call


Applications for One Year From Now: The Residency will be open from now until December 1st at brainspaceoptimized.com/residency

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