I interview digital marketing consultant and recent client Melissa Gardner about the transformation she experienced from virtual assistant to specialized digital marketer with the power to self-coach herself through her growth and decision making. 

In this podcast, I cover:

  • Experiencing expansion, contraction, and acclimation 
  • Hiring a coach and her reasoning why
  • Seeming like it “wasn’t working” and feelings around that
  • Creating results in the last 6 months
  • Focusing on the next year (her OYFN vision)

The final straw in going for coaching

Approximately one year ago in September of 2020, Melissa was keeping her work generalized and felt her success was coming only at too high of a price. Working extremely hard with numerous side projects alongside her regular roster of clients, her work was generalized, focusing on being a virtual assistant with a slight sway towards marketing– her true passion. She averaged about $2K per month and felt burnt out by how much work she had to do when she reached her “do or die” moment and decided to transition from group coaching to 1-on-1 coaching with me. 

“I was doing way too much, but not enough for me and for my business.”

Changing the pathways of thought

The pressure we put on ourselves to succeed and the fears we have regarding failure often comes at the price of the energy we receive back from the world around us. I’ve spoken before about the power of believing in your business and trusting your audience, and Melissa found her own truth in that when she realized she could be specialized in digital marketing. She did not have to hunt for every job and say yes to everything asked of her. Instead, it was in her right and in her power as a business owner to choose what she wanted and to hone her marketing skills. 

“It was a lot of work and a lot of pressure I put on myself for very little income compared to today.”

Discomfort on a path to growth 

Growth feels good, until it doesn’t. Grow feels amazing, expansive, and like everything we ever could’ve possibly wanted….until the pain of doubt and discomfort kicks in. There’s nothing more painful than changing your thoughts, your habits, and your ideas around your business, including saying no to clients or asking for more money. Melissa found that discomfort was a hard feeling to tackle, but it was one that ended up being worth it. She can now provide a higher value of work to her clients, while maintaining her excitement in her work and her motivation to grow. 

“I do know that this discomfort leads to greater, it leads to a better Melissa.”

Expansion, contraction, acclimation

I invited Melissa onto the show not only because I admire her work and her progress, but because I think her story of acclimating to her success showcases just how far she’s come. Expansion and contraction are common in business, sales growing and changing, clients changing and shifting, but acclimation is the lesser talked about third step in entrepreneurial success. Finding excitement in what is already occurring, while also being enthralled about all the amazing things that are to come. Acclimation is the transformation that brought Melissa from $2K contracts to $24K contracts, with so much more to come in her one year from now vision. 

“Acclimation feels like envisioning. Reflecting, and then really looking forward to what can be.”


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