I share my answer to the question: What results are your clients guaranteed to get and how do you know? Using my One Year From Now: The Residency program as an example, I walk through the essentials of structure and process, and how they work together to build the guaranteed results I promise to each client within the program. 

In this episode, I cover:

  • Guaranteed results and the value they bring to your clients 
  • Building structural pillars in a group setting
  • Processes that support structure and provide tools 
  • Working through triggers and trauma for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds
  • Results I guarantee with the Residency and how I measure them

Structure Pillars:

  • Community

One Year From Now: The Residency works in part because it is a very strong community of entrepreneurs seeking similar goals. When we give ourselves the permission to find our community and to share within it, we can learn from each other and normalize our experiences.

  • Coaching

Coaching, especially group coaching opportunities like The Residency, is a path not only towards surviving, but thriving. We can build the strengths and skills not only to reach goals but also to understand the feelings and triggers around your entrepreneurial career. 

  • Transferable Business Skills

I work with clients to master skills in 5 areas: marketing, sales, delivery, administration, and their “CEO brain”. When we focus on these skills, we build a backpack of knowledge you can take with you on your journey from asset to asset and business to business. 


  • Vision

The vision I work on with my clients is, just like this podcast, called One Year From Now. The vision portion of the process exists for you to visualize what thriving looks like in every area of your life as an entrepreneur. 

  • Decide

After we draft your One Year From Now vision, we decide on a half-page business plan that will be your map to success. The decisions we make in this stage of the process exist to push boundaries and to challenge your preconceived thoughts and beliefs. 

  • Build

There are two parts to this stage of the process: your business and your identity. We get to work building the assets for your business based on the decisions you’ve made, and we build your identity as a thriving, successful, confident entrepreneur. 

  • Evaluate

The vegetables of this process; you might not want to evaluate, but evaluation is good for you! We’ll spend time combing over the details of what worked and what we want to improve, all while learning from failures and celebrating your victories. 

Guaranteed Results:

  • Money

Profitability is a very easily measurable result of your work with me within The Residency. Securing your business as a profitable one and building more income proves that this investment in yourself and your business was worth it. 

  • Demand

Money and profitability go hand-in-hand with demand. Demand for your services, your expertise, and even your presence as a leader in your industry. This is a highly leverageable result and can open the doors to so many opportunities.  

  • Personal Thriving

I am not interested in entrepreneurship that requires my destruction, and I want the exact same thing for my clients. I want clients to emerge from The Residency program thriving and meeting their personal goals for happiness and success. 

  • Failing Objectively

Taking a chance and learning from situations where we fail is not as measurable as some of the other results I’ve mentioned, but it is an incredibly valuable result and teachable skill for any entrepreneur to master. Even when you’re failing, you’re still successful and still growing. 

  • Permission to live out values

Each and every one of my clients has a legacy they want to leave and an impact they want to make. It can be hard to give yourself permission to live out these goals and values without an experience like The Residency, where we will work through these values and build them up. 

  • More assets with less to do

More businesses and projects under your belt shouldn’t have to equal double or triple the workload you already have. With The Residency, you’ll master acquiring new investments and revenue streams without overbooking or overworking.



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