This week, I explain “self-concepts” and the massive impact they can have on our mindset, thoughts, and actions. As we head towards a time of reflection in the new year, I reflect on my own self-concept: the Battle Queen, and how embodying a strong, graceful, and confident mindset has helped me on my entrepreneurial journey. 

In this episode, I cover: 

  • Defining self-concepts 
  • Explaining the importance of mindset work 
  • Integrating a self-concept actively into your everyday life 
  • Showing the concept that’s helped me the most in 2021
  • Defining the Battle Queen 

What is a self-concept?

I’ve discussed before about the essentials of a positive mindset, especially for first-generation entrepreneurs looking to make progress in their small businesses. Self-concept is a way to train your brain to engage in a different mode when making decisions and taking risks. Operating from a mindset of strength and focusing on the words that resonate with you can guide you to grow in your goals instead of feeling stuck in them. 

“A self-concept is how you think about yourself and interact with the world as a result of that.”

How do you actively integrate a self-concept in your life? 

For me, working with a self-concept started small. I focused on words that engaged positive thoughts and feelings: queenly, nourished, rich. Using these as my guide, I began to build up a set of beliefs and guiding principles that elevated my decisions and encouraged my confidence. I often advise my clients to follow the same path when integrating their own self-concept, practising often and taking it one day at a time. 

“We have to be actively growing a concept that is that goal version of you…so that’s where you make those decisions out of.” 

What self-concept has helped me the most? 

My own self-concept takes the form of a “battle queen”, regal and strong, confident and composed. This idea that I can emulate a figure that embodies all the thoughts I’ve focused on developing throughout my entrepreneurial journey is extremely empowering. My self-concept helps me make the decisions and take the risks in my career that have yielded the best results and have allowed me to reach the goals I’ve outlined for myself. 

“A battle queen is not actively looking for battles…It’s this understanding that conflict cannot be avoided and it’s my job to handle it with grace and maturity.”



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