I used to think the concept of “enough” made people soft– and for a good reason. At the time, the thought that I didn’t have “enough” kept me safe by keeping me moving. It kept me out of despair and into action. Now, as I move through multiple six-figures, it’s no longer a helpful thought. I do have enough, at least for now, and I want to help you unlock that belief, too. 

In this episode, I cover:

  • Thinking of resting and what that really looks like
  • Resisting the idea of having “enough”
  • Walking myself through a bridge thought that felt more believable
  • Escaping the vicious cycle of “not enough” and the lies that come with that
  • Finding measurable ways to know when you’re in “enoughness”


The thought of “enough” can feel daunting. For myself and for many others, a lot of negative feelings come up when we try to imagine that we have “enough”. We worry about bills getting paid, money getting made, and work getting done. We ask ourselves: If I have enough, won’t I become lazy? We let an internalized lie feed off of our happiness and rest, convincing ourselves that we have to meet some impossible standard and vow to never have enough. 

“At first, ‘I have enough’ felt false…You have to choose thoughts that your brain can latch onto and see the truth in.”

Not Enough 

Not enough kept me going for years. It kept my child taken care of and my business busy, it kept my goals high and my workload even higher. However, “not enough” very quickly becomes not sustainable. I could feel myself drowning in expectations, experiencing shame when I didn’t hit revenue goals and spending my life running from the concept of enough. I had to meet myself in the middle, or I was risking so much more than just my work by keeping this mindset. 

“The brain repeats those thoughts and beliefs you have because they serve a purpose.”

Enough For Now 

It doesn’t have to be enough, period. You don’t have to look at what you have and vow to never want more. You don’t have to feel lazy or worry that something won’t get done. Instead, I suggest this idea: It’s enough, for now. Now could be the next 24 hours, the next week, or maybe the next 3 months. The timeline is yours to choose, but the peace of mind and the ability to enjoy your current life are invaluable necessities to become a thriving entrepreneur. 

“When you’re in belief [that you have enough], you actually feel like you have time and space and capacity to do more than one thing at a time.”



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