The start of a new year is all about reflection and growth, and I kick off my 2022 with a reflection on my past year in my coaching business. Through transparency in both my numbers and my process, I show you what I assumed and what I learned about this past year as a business owner, as well as explain how you can go about mapping out some reflections for yourself so that we can begin a prosperous 2022 together. 

In this episode, I cover: 

  • What were my original plans and goals? What projects was I looking forward to? 
  • Did I achieve those metrics/goals? Why or why not? 
  • What did I do? What would I do differently? 
  • What were my top 3 business and non-business experiences? What felt easy?
  • What do I want to do more of? What do I never want to do again?

Context for where my business was before 2021

Focusing just on my coaching business, I cannot help but feel like I need to contextualize how far I’ve come since I began in March of 2017. The biggest shift for me came when I had my first coaching-only revenue month in April of 2020 and saw a profitability of $81K from then until April of 2021. This didn’t happen overnight and I didn’t even achieve the revenue goals I set for myself, but the process opened so many doors for me moving forward.

“I was really scared to offer coaching, I didn’t think anyone would hire me except to work inside of their business.”

Goals, assumptions, and ideas I had heading into 2021

My goals for 2021 were high, and my assumptions opened a world of possibilities for me moving into this past year. Some of these plans ended up being a little too unrealistic for my present skills and knowledge, like earning $500K in coaching revenue as well as high goals for my second business, while others unlocked parts of myself I once only dreamed of as a possibility, such as investing more in art and embracing my entrepreneur identity. 

“I did learn the things I needed to know, and I will probably create [that revenue goal] this year.”

Reasons why I’m publicly reflecting now

I discuss a ton of numbers in this podcast episode (subscribers to my email list, consultation calls I had, contracts signed, podcasts recorded, newsletters sent) and many of you may wonder why I choose to share such a vulnerable side of my business on this platform. For me, this offers not only a resource for other entrepreneurs looking for a representation of reflection, but it also offers an opportunity for me to record a time capsule for my future self. 

“I am sharing it because I want you to see what I’m seeing as a business coach while looking at my own business.”

What I hope 2022 looks like 

Revenue goals for my businesses now look more like assumptions. Most of my goals for the year operate around that same idea; I’m taking my best guess on how I think my work, my business, and my life will look like when I reflect on what I’ve learned and provide myself with what I need. A huge goal for me is to have days of rest planned into my schedule and to do less of the things that did not feel fruitful to me, while still reaching for high revenue goals and a better understanding of myself and my emotions. 

“My assumption is to do less better.”



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