Revenge Success is a drive to succeed fueled by spite. If we’re completely honest with ourselves, we’ve all used this motivator from time to time— myself included. However, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In this episode, I define revenge success, explain when and why it might be helpful for you (and for me, too), and how to fuel the transition away from revenge success in order to better sustain your long-term entrepreneurial journey.  

In this episode, I cover: 

  • Tying in my discussion with Christina to the concept of revenge success
  • Leaving my corporate career and feeling unable to leave behind spiteful feelings
  • Understanding the role these individuals we’re spiteful against have in our lives
  • Having a long-last career vs risking burnout with revenge success
  • Looking forward to my next cohort of One Year From Now: The Residency

My personal journey with spiteful Revenge Success

Many of us begin our journey in entrepreneurship in a mindset of revenge success, and I was no different. Leaving my corporate job was an important step for me, but I carried a lot of my hard feelings with me when I said goodbye. I felt I had something to prove, and wanted to be the very best— not just for me or for my customers, but in spite of the people who made me internalize feeling not good enough or smart enough. 

“I had this thought that I’m going to be the top of the top and the best of the best….out of spite for all of those years.”

The short shelf-life of Revenge Success

Revenge success can be an incredible motivator, and it certainly was for me. Months of growth and drive can be attributed to my need to succeed out of spite. However, this mindset is not sustainable. Revenge success is short-lasting, especially for entrepreneurs. It does not teach us to focus on the foundational skills and beliefs we need to succeed for ourselves and for our customers. We risk burning out by staying in this spiteful mindset. 

“Revenge success is’s driven by spite and playing to not lose instead of playing to win.” 

Shifting into a longer-lasting, self-beneficial mindset

In other episodes, I’ve discussed the shift from surviving to thriving. Part of that shift involves leaving behind the mindset of revenge success and transitioning to a long-lasting mindset that puts yourself and your customers in a much better position. You deserve to thrive and succeed for yourself, and your customers deserve to interact with a business run by someone with their best interest in mind, not some hypothetical revenge plot in mind. 

“It’s not terrible, it was a very useful fuel at the time, it just is not long-lasting…I was positioning myself to not look bad instead of actually helping.”



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