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30 Days of async life + biz coaching for high impact entrepreneurs

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Your entire life as an entrepreneur is welcomed here.

For 30 days you’ll have access to Hailey inside a private Slack channel. There you can converse via audio and text message as often as you’d like for 30 straight days. ⁠


I can help you solve business problems, instill new habits, become more comfortable in a new role, set boundaries, find breakthroughs where you’re stuck, build new assets and SO MUCH MORE. 

At this point in your journey, you already know how to make money. You’ve nailed down the business basics, you’re building out a successful team and you feel good about the results you create with and for your customers.

Now you’re expanding and stretching beyond the necessities and into the previously unimaginable. 

This is where high-impact entrepreneurs solve their problems. This is where they grow the maturity and specificity that become the hallmarks of their career.


Your “right-hand brain” through audio-coaching:

Hailey Thomas

Hello! I’m Hailey, a business strategist and entrepreneurship coach for
high-impact humans. 

Academically, I hold a BS in Organizational & Leadership Communication from Illinois State University (Go You Redbirds!) and am credentialing in Interpersonal Neurobiology.

In the last six years, I’ve been developing, selling and delivering information products, done-for-you services, digital courses and consulting projects (B2C, B2SmB) numbering more than $750,000 TR to date. 

I have logged more than 650 face to face coaching hours with a variety of entrepreneurs – this group represents some of the most interesting and impactful entrepreneurs from industries across the business landscape; art, real estate, tech, food, law and more.

I blending sound business strategy,
positive psychology and trauma-informed coaching practices to provide emotionally intelligent, stragetgic support when you need it.

Clients use audio-coaching for:

R reimagined common industry practices
from “run-of-the-mill” to “dynamic,
perfectly-suited-to-her/her team’s-skillset-and-desires”
business models that increased profit
margins by a minimum of 20% across all of her
service offerings.

M courageously took a 6 month sabbatical from client work.

They successfully redirected the vision for their company and and returned to the business excited to serve new
clients in a more profitable and sustainable model.

H paid off over $200k of personal debt
while relocating her family to a new city.

They consistently work 15 fewer
hours each week and are expanding into coaching and speaking as a top expert in their industry.

The Details:

For 30 days you’ll have access to Hailey inside a private Slack channel. There you can converse via audio and text message as often as you’d like for 30 straight days. 

Send audio or text messages, with your thoughts, questions and things you’d like to grow in. 

Response times are primarily Monday – Friday, 8a – 5p ct with a MAX delay of 48 hours.

[BONUS] As a bonus to your 30 Days of Audio Coaching, you gain access to the Workshop Replay channel as well! You can review any workshops that are live there and will have access to the replays of any other workshops that I do during your 30 days.

Who’s the Best Fit for this?

The entrepreneur who has completed their “act one” of establishing one or more businesses and is ready to move into creating more impact through:

  • Additional streams of income,
  • pivoting into a new industry,
  • growing/expanding the business and changing their role in the organization,
  • successfully navigating major shifts in their personal lives (getting married, divorced, moving, starting or extending their nuclear family, etc.)  
  • Reworking family-business dynamics,
  • Or starting brand new business ventures

Other important notes about you:

  • You are smart, powerful, driven, lead a rich life (you have hobbies and friends and know how to rest), are sharp, energetic, and resourceful as fuck.
  • You have a “I know I am capable of creating anything, but I know support makes things it easier, faster and smoother” attitude.
  • You’re not looking for the “secret sauce” to growing a business, but rather see yourself as a powerful creator – the job of Hailey and the group is to support YOU in your ascend.
  • You like to be challenged, enjoy like learning and are a smidge bit competitive with your self.

The Investment:

30 Days of:

  • Asynchronous coaching with Hailey
  • Live event/workshop replay access

$1,000 USD 

Get started today:

Sign up takes 60 seconds. No sales call, no application form. Just emotionally intelligent strategic help when you need it.

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Once checkout is complete:

  • Expect a welcome email with Slack log-in details within 2 hours of check out.
  • After you log into Slack, your 30 days begins! You are free to Slack message me with an audio note and or text note whenever you’d like!

See you on the inside.