We’re changing things up this week! Today’s episode is a very special one. Instead of the guest interviews, I’m sharing a TedX talk I gave earlier this year.

The theme for my talk is near and dear to my heart – it’s all about BURNOUT. What causes it? How can we defeat it? Today I’ll share my three-step plan. 

In true Hailey fashion, there are several corny superhero jokes. But between the jokes, I hope you find points that are applicable to your situation.

* If burnout is something you are currently experiencing, I encourage you to reach out to me directly and we can talk about how I can help you move from burnout and then to more sustainable rhythms for your life and business. Trust me to be the ‘Alfred to your Batman’ and conquer this villain. You can go here to schedule us a time to talk: brainspaceoptimized.com/start



Burnout (as defined by the Mayo Clinic): work-related stress leading to physical or emotional exhaustion. Usually including loss of personal identity and a reduced sense of accomplishment for work completed. 

Some things I talk about in this episode:


  • In 2018, Gallop ran a poll and 57% of Americans feel burnout at work. 
  • Chronic burnout make individuals more prone to being physically violent. 
  • How did burnout become the joker to our Batman?
    • 1. Distinct lack of guidance or information – 40% of Americans don’t know what is expected of them at work.
    • 2. And overwhelming amount of tasks. Mental quicksand – The weight of the tasks we’ve been assigned or volunteered to complete. 



Key takeaways:


  • Burnout is the single greatest neutralizer of heroes!
  • Burnout’s henchmen include procrastination, distraction, weariness, fatigue. 
  • People who don’t feel adequately informed, stop participating in activities. 
  • Ultimately, heroes aren’t born – they’re made. 



My three-step plan for defeating burnout: 


1. Reconnect with your mission

  • Identify what success means for you. 
  • Identify the skills, and gap, only you can fill.


2. Assemble your heroic team – support is not optional, nor is it an afterthought

  • Open your eyes to the tools and people around you, and get busy utilizing them!


3. Power up your skill level

  • Identify the skills you need to maximize the team & tools you’ve identified and work slowly toward improving those skills. 



Questions for you:


Q: What is your mission? 

Q: Is burnout a major villain stopping you from completing your mission? 

Q: What tools or people do you need to move forward? 

Q: What skills (necessary to leverage your tools/team) need a power up? 


Watch the talk here: 





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